Tips for Kuali Research

A compendium of miscellaneous tips, tricks and advice

Did you know? - Current & Pending reports from KR:  The "Current and Pending" report is in Kuali Research under Common Tasks > Quick Links.

  • Use the magnifying glass to search for your investigator.
  • Click Initiate Report to see the report on the screen. Scroll down for export options.
  • Click Print for a formatted PDF download.

DO NOT enter UMCP persons from the employee look-up. Use the non-employee look-up and submit an Address Request if the person does not appear in the results. Entering UMCP persons causes validation issues and - perhaps more importantly - routing issues.

9-digit ZIP codes: The NIH validates for 9-digit ZIP codes for U.S. addresses for Key Persons, Performance Sites, and Subrecipients. Look up the ZIP code at

NSF Proposals: Prepare NSF proposals for submission in NSF Fastlane.

Proposal locks: Have you seen a message like this on your proposal? "This document currently has a 34567-PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT lock owned by Bond, James as of 12:06 PM on 11/30/2020."  If someone is editing the document, Kuali creates a lock on the proposal. You cannot (and should not) try to edit a document while someone else is editing. The best practice is to ask the person to close out of the proposal record so that you can open it in edit mode. In an emergency, contact your SPA Team and someone will remove the lock. If someone asks you to remove your lock and you already closed the proposal, navigate to Common Tasks in the KR left navigation menu and select "Locks" under Quick Links. (Kuali also calls these "pessimistic locks".)

Protocol number (Compliance): Do not use spaces or special characters in the Protocol Number. Dashes are OK.

Kuali Research and IE: Because Internet Explorer is no longer an actively supported browser by Microsoft (with Edge being its replacement) Kuali will be ending its support for the browser. Kuali Research can still be accessed using Internet Explorer but Kuali will no longer be doing active support or fixes related to IE. At some point, Kuali will add a popup message for users that access the system with IE informing them they should be using a different browser such as MS Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Logging out: Are you using the Edge browser? If you are, you will need to manually remove the cookies from your browser before someone else can log into Kuali Research using your machine. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will need to Quit (close) the browser completely, then reopen it before someone else can log in using your machine.

Attachment names must not contain any spaces or special characters. Example: UniversityOfMaryland12345.pdf