The Department of Environmental Services (EVS) employs Over 200 plus professional and service trades employees. EVS provides services to 6.3 million square feet of complex medical research and state-of-the-art clinical services and teaching space located in 57 buildings on 65 acres in downtown Baltimore.

EVS Vision

To create an exceptional place to learn, teach, and work at UMB by delivering stellar service through strategic partnerships. 

EVS Mission

The Environmental Services (EVS) Department strives for a safe and healthy working and learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.  Our commitment is to communicate clearly, respond promptly and to effectively resolve the needs of our campus community.  We are dedicated to partnering with the campus to provide a comfortable, attractive, sustainable and functional environment conducive to teaching, learning, research, and community service.

EVS Divisions

Environmental Services (EVS) at UMB is part of the Administration and Finance group and is nested within Facilities and Operations. There are four divisions that makeup EVS, these include Custodial Services, Moving & Recycling, Grounds & Landscaping, and Pest Control. Over 200 plus dedicated employees make up the four divisions of EVS which work with other campus departments to provide a safe, healthy, and orderly environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.