Subaward budgets are uploaded within the Budget on the Budget Actions tab.

Guidance for selecting the correct Subaward Budget Form (with example). Briefly, for S2S proposals, choose the Subrecipient Budget form that corresponds to the funding opportunity. The Proposal S2S tab, Forms sub-panel identifies the name of the required form. Contact your SPA Team for assistance.

NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THESE FILES, please contact Janet or Danielle. Firewalls are preventing some users from downloading the files.

Upload subaward budget form - instructions.

User-attached S2S forms are uploaded on the S2S tab. reference on compatible versions of Adobe Reader.


Attachment file name restrictions

  • Before SPA approval and submission to, all attachments must be marked as Final.
  • Attachment file names and descriptions must not contain any spaces or special characters or have >20 characters. Example: UnivOfMaryland2018.pdf
  • Every Attachment, including biosketches, subaward budget forms, and the subaward budget justification attachment, must have a different (unique) file name.

Include: Before you submit into the approval routing, check the boxes to "include" your attachments in the S2S Opportunity Search section, Forms tab. This action cannot be taken while the proposal is pending approval.

Print: Many errors can be discovered and resolved by printing each form from the Forms tab (S2S Opportunity Search). Error messages will let you know if an attachment is missing or invalid. Tip: Print each form separately for easier error troubleshooting.

Update Attachments During Routing