Subaward Request

The Subaward Request is used to initiate a new subaward (subrecipient agreement) or modify an existing one. The department managing UMB's award uses this form to initiate SPA's process of issuing the subaward.

  • For new subawards, upload the subrecipient commitment form even if it was included with your proposal.
  • Upload the subrecipient's budget using the Budget template-subaward request. A budget is required for new subawards and modifications that add dollars to the existing subaward.
  • Upload the subrecipient's scope of work - a clear description of the work to be performed, proposed timelines, and deliverables.

The department also will process a subaward purchase requisition and work with the SPA Team to obtain and provide additional information or documents as required to issue the subaward. More information

If subrecipient (organization) or its contacts (subrecipient principal investigator and administrator) are not yet in the Kuali Research Address Book, submit Address Requests to add them.

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