• Unlocking the Magic Behind Mediation

    October is Conflict Resolution Month

    Throughout October we will highlight mediator techniques that you can use and approaches to addressing conflict.

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  • Coworker Feud Game: A communication competition

    Oct. 28, noon-1:00 pm

    Test Your Communication Skills. Have fun. Enter to win a free one-hour conflict management training for your office.


  • New! Expansion of services in response to COVID-19 related changes

    We can now help UMB employees with homeplace conflicts that impact work

    Does this apply to your situation? Call or email us. Together we'll determine if mediation or another service is appropriate.

  • We're Open for Conflict

    The Workplace Mediation Service is open during this teleworking period. 

    You may call or email us to request mediation or discuss whether mediation is appropriate for your situation.

  • New Way to Access Mediation

    WMS is excited to announce that we are accepting mediation requests directly from employees.

    We can now assist employees immediately when they contact WMS to request mediation. This is in addition to our referral process. You may call or email us today.

Do you have workplace issues that have been difficult to resolve? Sometimes we need help with difficult situations at work. UMB offers mediation to all employees (faculty, staff, and student employees) to address workplace issues.

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If you have questions about mediation or the Workplace Mediation Service contact WMS at 410-706-4270 or mediation@umaryland.edu.

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Mediation is a voluntary and private process that is used to address conflicts. It is a conversation that is assisted by trained and experienced mediators. UMB, like other universities across the country, added mediation as a conflict management option to better serve employees who want more control over how their workplace issues are resolved.

Mediation can be helpful for a variety of workplace situations. This includes communication problems, personality or work style clashes, disputes or tensions between coworkers or supervisors and subordinates, and many other workplace conflicts.

Employees often like mediation because it allows them to find solutions that will work for them. Most people who use mediation:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the situation and others involved
  • Reach some type of agreement
  • Are satisfied with the mediation process

Want to know more about how Mediation is beneficial? Check out our Frequently Asked Question's page.


Connect with WMS about your situation either directly or by referral:

Contact WMS to discuss your situation or request mediation:



Contact a UMB referring office and mention you are interested in mediation:

  • UMB Office of the Ombuds (410-706-8534)
  • UMB Human Resource Services (410-706-2606)
  • UMB Office of Accountability and Compliance (Title IX) (410-706-2281)

After receiving the referral, WMS staff will contact the referred employee.


Additional Information

The following documents provide further detail on the Workplace Mediation Service.