Final Reports and Close-out

Has your award expired or been terminated? Has the study ended? Certain actions are required to ensure the award can be officially closed.

Awards may expire on the expected end date, when a study is closed, or when deliverables are completed. Awards may be terminated before the expected end date by the sponsor or by UMB. In all cases, certain actions are required to ensure that the award can be officially closed.

A no-cost extension may be requested if project work is continuing and funds are available in the award budget to cover project expenses.

Check the award document to confirm the deadlines for the final reports, including the invoice and/or expenditure report.

Contact any subrecipient for their final invoice and ensure it is received, approved, and paid.

Reconcile the account and work with Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) on sponsor payments and all financial reporting and invoicing.

Technical Report: The project report is the responsibility of the principal investigator. In the absence of the PI, it may be completed by a colleague. The Research Performance Project Report (RPPR) is required for NIH grants. For nonfederal sponsors, technical reports may be sent directly to the sponsor with a copy (preferably PDF) to SPA.

Invention Report: Sponsors often require a list of inventions made using funds from the award. The PI completes the sponsor's invention report form or sends information to SPA listing the relevant inventions or “no inventions”. Similar reports should be obtained from each subrecipient investigator. SPA submits the report to the sponsor after verification by UMB's Office of Technology Transfer.

Property Report: Some sponsors require a report on equipment inventory. Completion of the report is the responsibility of the department; the report will be signed by a UMB-authorized official in Financial Services. Contact the Capital Equipment Inventory section of the Office of Financial Services for assistance with inventory reporting.

SPA Standard Operating Procedure on nonfinancial reporting.