Visitor Agreement

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) plays host to many visitors who come to observe, learn, and participate in research and other activities. Unpaid visitors to UMB who will have independent access to University facilities (visitors who are not escorted into and around UMB facilities) must sign a Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA).

Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA) — For signature by visitors not paid by UMB who will have independent access (non-escorted) to UMB facilities. This is a four-page agreement. All four pages are required.

VSA Modification or Extension — Use this form to extend the period of time or make other changes to an signed (active) VSA.

VSA Questionnaire — Complete and submit with the VSA. The J-1 visa request form should be substituted when applicable.

When appropriate, the VSA may reference a subaward or other collaboration agreement that supports the visitor’s research. Any changes to the VSA terms and conditions or use of a different agreement will be reviewed by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and/or the Office of Technology Transfer.

After other signatures have been obtained, a SPA official will sign the agreement for UMB.


Contact Janet Simons in SPA with questions regarding the VSA and/or procedure.

Work with the Office of International Services as you invite and make arrangements for international students, faculty, fellows, and staff. International visitors must obtain a visa appropriate for the proposed activities at UMB.

  1. Host department completes the Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA) and emails it to the prospective visitor. The VSA consists of four pages. Host department should complete the names, period of visit, UMB department information, and a brief description of the planned activities (research, training, observation) at UMB.
  2. Visitor signs the VSA in two places, pages 2 and 4.
  3. Authorized official of the visitor’s home organization signs the VSA in two places, pages 2 and 4. (Leave blank if visitor does not have a home organization.)
  4. UMB department chair, center director or institute director signs the VSA on Page 2.
  5. Host department emails the signed VSA to Janet Simons in SPA. In addition, the host department completes and emails the VSA Questionnaire or, when applicable, a copy of the completed J-1 visa request form.
  6. SPA reviews the VSA and accompanying documents and may request additional information. SPA will notify the faculty sponsor and the department administrative contact if any issues are identified that will delay or prevent signature on behalf of UMB.
Tips and FAQs
  • Home organization: The visitor's home organization must be identified if the visitor is on temporary leave from their organization — that is, if the visitor will return to the home organization after their visit at UMB. If that is not the case, leave blank. Examples: (1) A physician in private practice would not have a “home organization”; (2) a visitor might leave their prior organization, visit UMB for a year, and then move on to another organization and thus would not have a “home organization”
  • Proposed Activities: Page 1 of the agreement must include a description of the visitor's planned work, training, or other activities at UMB. The description may be attached as a separate page.
  • SPA may request a copy of a foreign national visitor’s passport or other official document to confirm the name and citizenship for export compliance review.
  • SPA will provide the Authorized Official Signatures for UMB on pages 2 and 4 of the VSA.