Clinical Billing Analysis

  • Works hand-in-hand with the clinical study team to develop a detailed schedule of events and procedures, equipment, items, services, and patient visits required to carry out the schedule of events.
  • Performs detailed Medicare Billing Analysis for all clinical trials regardless of funding source, identifying items and services that can be billed to insurance versus items that cannot.
  • Develops and negotiates final budget directly with Corporate Sponsor and/or Clinical Research Organization (CRO).
  • Coordinates Billing Analysis and budget negotiation with Clinical Research Contracts.

CCT can assist faculty investigators with determining clinical care cost estimates and potential Medicare coverage items/services of protocol-driven clinical care. This support service is offered to faculty to help ensure budgets submitted to funding agencies include a request for sufficient funds to cover the cost of non-billable clinical care. The development of the proposed grant budget will continue to be the responsibility of the investigator and department. Faculty who would like this assistance may contact CCT at 410-706-5533 to ask for a financial feasibility review of the proposed clinical research. A CCT Clinical Trial Analyst will contact them within 10 working days.