Welcome to the Dashboard for Kuali Research!

When you log into Kuali Research on December 1, 2020, you will see a new look and interface. All the functions you know are still available. The Kuali Research Dashboard Home is the main page where users will be directed when going to the Kuali Research system. 

Dashboard Home Page

Dashboard Cards

Quick Access to Frequently Used Links

If your left navigation is closed showing only icons, open it by clicking on the arrow < at the bottom left corner of your screen. Now you will see the text describing each link.

For most users, the left navigation shows four links at the top of the bar that you will use frequently: Dashboard, Search Records, Common Tasks, All Links. Kuali Research opens to the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is useful for pre-award Users who need to edit, review or approve existing proposals. Other Users, including proposal creators, will navigate to a different page – Common Tasks, All Links, or Search Records – that best suits the needs.

Your Dashboard has three cards: Proposals routing to me, Proposals not routing, and Proposal workload assignments. The number of records in that card is displayed in the lower right corner of each card. Scroll through the records using the arrows. You may see some older proposals in any of the cards. SPA will continue working to cancel or otherwise resolve old proposals to the extent possible.

Screenshot of Kuali Dashboard highlighting 3 cards and left navigation