PI Eligibility

Principal Investigator Eligibility to Submit Proposals

The UMB Policy on Eligibility to Apply for External Grants/Funds explains who is eligible to be a principal investigator or project director (PI) for a sponsored project. The PI must meet these eligibility requirements to submit a proposal for grant or contract funding. It is possible to request approval for waiver of this policy.

Generally, full-time UMB faculty members may act as PIs (see Policy for eligibility faculty title groups). In addition, students and postdoctoral fellows may submit applications for programs and awards specifically designed for students and postdoctoral fellows, such as fellowship programs or dissertation research support grants.

To obtain a waiver of the policy:

  • Start early
  • Make the request in writing
  • Include strong justification for waiver request
  • Include evidence that the school and/or department is committed to support the proposed PI by providing appropriate space, resources and administrative oversight in the event that the award is made
  • Attach the curriculum vitae of the proposed PI
  • Have the request signed by the proposed PI, the appropriate head of the unit to which the individual reports, usually the Department Chair, Institute Director, or Center Director, and Dean. Proposed PIs from administrative units should obtain signature from the appropriate Vice President or designee.

Submit the document, with approval signatures, to the Office of Research and Development. The Vice President of Research and Development reserves the right to review the grant or contract proposal if the waiver request is related to a specific proposal. Following review, the Office of Research and Development will notify the proposed PI and the appropriate head of unit in writing of the determination.