Certify or Approve

Principal Investigator Certification:

PI Review and Certification in KR

When you receive a notification to certify or at any time before the proposal is submitted for review and approvals, you may certify the proposal.

  • Log into Kuali Research
  • Click on the link in the notification email, which will open the certification questions for response

Sometimes security or firewalls have prevented users from being able to access the certification (or proposal) via the email links.

To access and certify your proposal without clicking through the email:

  • Obtain your KR Proposal Number from your grants/contracts administrator
  • Log into Kuali Research
  • Select Common Tasks from the left navigation menu
  • On the Common Tasks page, click the Search Proposals link
  • Search for the proposal (enter the Proposal Number in the first search field)
  • Open the proposal in view mode
  • Use the proposal left navigation menu to navigate to Key Personnel > Personnel
  • Click on the triangle next to your name to open the details.
  • Select the Certification Questions tab
  • Click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen
  • Respond to the certification questions, then Save
  • Use the Close button to close the proposal
Proposal Approval:

KR Approver Procedure

Log into Kuali Research and open the proposal in View mode once it has been submitted for review. You will receive an email notification when the proposal is ready for your action. Most departments have approval groups of two or more individuals for an approval stop. Only one approver must take action.

In the Dashboard, you can see when the proposal is ready for your approval (and click right on the link in the Dashboard) or when it is one or two stops away. Dashboard Proposals Routing to Me card

After logging into Kuali Research, you can click on the link in the email notification that begins "To respond to this eDoc".

  • If the proposal does not open to the Summary/Submit section, use the left navigation menu to navigate to Summary/Submit
  • If you are the next Approver, Approve and Return buttons will appear in the bottom menu bar
  • Click "Approve" at the bottom of the page OR
  • Click "Return" to return the proposal for revisions and enter a reason for return in the field that pops up
View routing actions/status:
  • Open the proposal in view mode (if you just approved, close and reopen the proposal in view mode)
  • Navigate to the Summary/Submit section
  • In the bottom menu bar, click on "View Route Log". In the pop-up window you can review:
    • Actions Taken — Where the proposal has been (who has approved it, so far)
    • Pending Action Requests — Where it is waiting for approval now
    • Future Action Requests — Where it is going (the next approval stops)