Are you traveling on behalf of UMB? You've come to the right place! This travel table of contents will get you to the right place based on what type of travel you're doing. Safe travels!

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General Travel Information

Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, click here for general information on travel authorization, lodging, transportation, meals, and eTravel help and training.

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Student International Travel Information

Click here if you're a UMB student traveling abroad for a UMB academic experience.

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International Travel

Click here for specific information on the international travel authorization process, international safety and security, International SOS, non-employee international travel, and more.


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Back from your trip? Welcome home! Don't forget to submit for reimbursement of your travel expenses promptly.

Contact Us

General Travel Questions

For any general travel questions, contact your travel administrator.

International Travel Questions

For any international travel questions, contact the Global Hub team at

Questions on Reimbursements

For questions on reimbursements, contact the Disbursements team at