Proposals with subrecipients

A subaward is an agreement with a third-party organization (subrecipient) collaboratively performing a portion of a UMB project or program.

Usually the proposed subaward is included as part of UMB's proposal to the sponsor, and includes information about the subrecipient's planned scope of work and budget.

First, determine whether UMB would pay the third-party organization as a subrecipient or as a vendor.  If the organization and scope of work fit the profile of a subrecipient, then follow the instructions below to include the subrecipient in UMB's proposal.

As a general rule, collaborators from other USM institutions will be paid through a subaward or other agreement made between the institutions. Follow the instructions below for proposals with collaborators from other USM institutions.

Required documents from each proposed subrecipient:

  • Letter of Support (LOS):  Letter must be signed by an authorized official for the subrecipient. Subrecipient Letter of Support Sample
    • SPA will accept the other institution's letter or form provided that document contains all of the information found in the UMB LOS Template including the authorized signature.
    • Getting pushback from the other institution on your request for an LOS? When appropriate, respond with this explanation to the proposed subrecipient.
  • Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) Rate Agreement:  A copy of the subrecipient’s federally negotiated rate agreement (NICRA), if they have negotiated an agreement with their cognizant agency.
    • A URL is acceptable in lieu of the document. 
    • Upload the document in Kuali Research under Internal Attachments
    • Some universities have provided their NICRA in the FDP Clearinghouse. Search, then click on the organization (blue link) for details. Scroll down to "Rate Agreements".
  • Statement of Work (SOW): include a clear description of the work to be performed, proposed timelines, and deliverables/reports. Statement of Work template
  • Budget and Budget Justification, including the subrecipient’s direct and facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, calculated using the subrecipient’s approved F&A and fringe benefit rates. 
  • Biosketches and other documents, as required by the sponsor

Other information

Kuali Research Address Request — Subrecipients are entered on the Other Organizations tab in the Organizations/Locations section of the proposal. Submit an Address Request if the subrecipient does not appear in the Kuali Research Organization Look-up.

DUNS number requirement for subrecipients — A DUNS number is required for all subrecipients under federal funding. The DUNS number must be provided on the subrecipient's budget form when a detailed budget is required. If the organization does not yet have a DUNS number, please direct that organization to: