Community System

The Community System provides a means of creating identities in the campus enterprise directory in a real-time, electronic process. Anyone with an existing UMID will be able to initiate the registration for a UMB identity.

Identities can be created for a specified period of time if the user has a limited engagement with the University.  

Information is available through the IT Help Desk. See a list of sponsors who can add someone to the Community system.

Since the introduction of centralized identity management and the UMID in early 2005, all enterprise systems have been converted to use this central service. Users with traditional relationships to UMB — faculty, staff, and students — have an account automatically created for them in this system. However, because of the complexity and diversity of our University community, there has always been a need to create users who fall outside of the traditional relationships — affiliates. Since 2005, these "affiliated" users were captured and maintained within the eUMB Affiliate System. Over the years, new needs have developed, business processes have evolved, and the number of affiliate users has grown considerably. The Community System was conceived to address the deficiencies of the current eUMB Affiliate System while adding new functionality and streamlining the entire process.

The types of users the Community System includes:

Incoming Employees

Emeritus Faculty

Visiting/Adjunct Faculty

Temp/Contractual Employees

Partner Organization Employees


Library Patrons (HS/HSL and Law)

Visiting Students (e.g., BCCC)

Prospective Students

Pre-Directory (2004) Alumni



Some of the benefits of the Community System are:

  • Creating identities is no longer limited to a select number of groups. Anyone with a UMID can initiate the registration for an UM identity.
  • Identity creation no longer take days or weeks; it is immediate (real time).
  • The CITS IT Help Desk is removed from the identity creation process and no longer has to act as facilitator. Sponsors/approvers that have vested interest in maintaining the accuracy of the data and timeliness of the identity creation will be solely empowered and responsible for the process.
  • The process is entirely electronic to provide accurate and comprehensive auditing capabilities, streamline the steps involved, and remove the need to collect, track, and store paper signatures.
  • Identities can be made with a user-specific lifespan. How long that identity is valid is chosen at the time of sponsorship and can be renewed/revoked at any time. There also will be mandatory renewals to confirm that a valid association with the University still exists.