KR Budget Tips and Instructions


Budget names: Use relatively short names — 20 characters or fewer is recommended. When you create a new budget version, you must give it a new name. Each budget version must have a different name.

Budget settings: Remember to check your budget settings before entering any budget data. Click on Budget Settings in the top menu bar of the budget module.

  • The on-off campus rate defaults to On Campus.  On- and Off-Campus Buildings
  • Check the F&A Rate Types; change both settings if a change is needed. Typically, UMB users will select:  MTDC On- or Off-Adjacent; CT with Sites; TDC; or Salaries & Wages. 
  • Uncheck the box next to Submit Cost Sharing unless mandatory cost sharing will be submitted to the sponsor as part of the budget

Non-UMB persons: Non-UMB persons are those who are not on UMB's payroll, such as new incoming faculty or UMMC residents. To add a non-UMB person in the Personnel section of the budget and/or as a Principal Investigator, your department needs to add this person as an Affiliate in the Community System, and make an app request for Kuali Research access.

Sync rates (F&A, fringe benefits, inflation): If you copy an older proposal (not recommended) or if new rates have been added in Kuali Research (such as annual fringe benefit rates), you will need to “sync all rates” to apply the current F&A and/or Fringe Benefits rates. Further, if you modify the budget periods from what was originally entered, you may need to "sync all rates". Navigate to the Budget > Rates. Click the Sync All Rates button in the upper right corner (under the "help" link). Click OK on the confirmation question that will pop up, which reminds you that your budget will be recalculated with the updated rates.


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