Proposal Approvers

KR Approver Procedure

Log in to Kuali Research

From your Action List, or by clicking on the link in the notification email, open the proposal to the Summary/Submit section.

If you are the next approver, the menu bar at the bottom of the screen will include "Approve" and "Return". Click Approve to move the proposal forward to the next approver. If revisions are needed, click Return and enter a reason for return. Click the Route Log link to view the routing stops (past, pending, and future).

Proposal Development

Training classes focus on proposal data entry, uploading documents, budget creation, data validation, and submitting the proposal for review. Training is required for new users requesting Department Pre-Award roles. It is optional for other roles.

While campus administrators are teleworking, training will be presented via WebEx or Zoom. Please contact your SPA Team to initiate a training request or if you have questions about the training schedule.