Campus Salary Directives

Chancellor’s Guidelines

The chancellor of the University System of Maryland (USM) distributes annual compensation guidelines to the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) regarding compensation administration for the fiscal year. These guidelines will include information about updated salary structures, cost of living and merit increases (if applicable), permissible compensation actions, and reporting requirements. These guidelines are the foundation of UMB pay practices during that fiscal year.


FY25 Compensation Guidelines

UMB Staff & Faculty Merit Guidelines FY2025

UMB Staff & Faculty Merit FAQs FY2025


FY24 Compensation Guidelines

7/2023 COLA/Merit Guidelines

FY23 Compensation Guidelines

FY23 November COLA Compensation Guidelines

FY23 July 2022 COLA/Merit Compensation Guidelines

FY22 Compensation Guidelines Revised Jan 18, 2022

FY22 Compensation Guidelines

FY21 Compensation Guidelines

FY20 Compensation Guidelines

FY19 Compensation Guidelines

FY18 Compensation Guidelines

Archived Guidelines

President’s Guidelines

The president of UMB shares the chancellor’s guidelines with the campus and provides specific instructions that address how the chancellor’s guidelines will be implemented at UMB.

Cost of Living and Merit Adjustments

If the state legislature provides for a merit adjustment and/or a cost-of-living allowance (COLA), it will be specified in the salary guidelines issued by the chancellor for the fiscal year. The president may provide additional instructions regarding the application of the merit and COLA at UMB. Prior COLA and merit history can be found here.