Grant Opportunities

In addition to UMB’s Live Near Your Work (LNYW) Program, employees may be eligible for other grants and financial incentives. Many of these incentives can be stacked with UMB’s LNYW grant, allowing you to save money on your home purchase.

All additional grants and incentive programs have their own parameters and eligibility guidelines. To maximize your savings, enlist the help of Live Baltimore, a HUD-certified homeownership counseling agency, and/or a mortgage lender.

Review the options below for more information about additional grants and financial incentives.

House Keys 4 Employees

UMB participates in the state of Maryland’s House Keys 4 Employees (HK4E) Program. This allows eligible homebuyers using a Maryland Mortgage Program loan to purchase their home to receive more down payment and/or closing cost assistance than is available through the standard down payment and closing cost assistance programs. Visit the Maryland Mortgage Program website for more information.

Vacants to Value

The Vacants to Value Program offers $10,000 toward the down payment and closing costs of abandoned homes. To qualify for the program, the home must be vacant for at least a year before purchase and the buyer must renovate the home and return it to a functional state. A previously vacant home that has been renovated by a developer also may qualify for this program. Learn more Vacants to Value Program details and qualifications.

Other Grants

For more details about other grants and financial incentive programs, visit Live Baltimore.