Compensation FAQs

What is a job description? A job description (also referred to as a job specification) is a document that describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements for a job. This document should only contain information that would apply to all positions assigned to the job.

What is the role of the job description? The job description is the primary document used by the University for many human resources management activities, including: recruitment and selection, workers comp and unemployment insurance, training and development, disciplining, assigning work, etc. It also is used to develop the annual performance evaluation plan.

What is a job class? A job class is a group of jobs that have similar attributes.

Class Specification Terms

  • Level of Education and Experience Required: Education refers to the qualifications obtained through primary/secondary and postsecondary/University degree programs, training, workshops, or conferences; experience refers to the qualifications obtained through the practical application of knowledge. When you are reviewing the class specification, please keep in mind that the required education level and years of experience should be related to what one must minimally have to perform the job duties.
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: This section indicates what knowledge the incumbent of the position assigned to this job class would have attained if they had met the educational requirements of the job class, the skills they would have developed — and could demonstrate — if they had achieved the level of experience required, and the physical abilities that one must possess to perform the job duties.
  • Certifications and Licenses: Certifications and licenses should be included only if they are essential to the performance of the work associated with the job class. For example, if one does not need to have a driver's license to perform the essential functions of the job, a driver's license should not be included in the class specification.