Employee Service Recognition

Each spring, UMB honors those staff members who celebrated milestone anniversaries during the previous calendar year. This includes staff members who have reached 20 or more years of service in five-year increments.

The awardees are invited to a luncheon where they will receive a certificate, a pin, and a catalog to select an anniversary gift of their choice.

The calculation of service levels is as follows:

  • For purposes of calculating service time, continuous Contingent I (50 percent or more of full-time) or Contingent II service time that immediately precedes (uninterrupted) any regular employment service and all regular employment service will count toward the determination of service years. This service must have been performed at UMB.
  • For those employees who have a break in service, the University relies on USM policy VII-9.61 - Policy on Reemployment and Reinstatement for Regular Status Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Employees. In other words, if an employee has a break in service of less than three (3) years, they may be reinstated and receive prior credit for service at UMB. If an employee has a break in service of more than three (3) years, the employee is considered a new employee. The new hire date is used to calculate years of service.

If an employee wishes to verify their years of service, please contact Employee and Labor Relations at 410-706-7302.

Employee Recognition and Service Awards

  • 2024 Service Recognition Awards

  • 2023 Service Recognition Awards