Program Parameters

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Please review the following parameters and restrictions that must be followed when using UMB’s Live Near Your Work (LNYW) Program:

  • One LNYW grant per household/address.
  • The LNYW grant is considered a taxable benefit. For more details, see our FAQs or contact the LNYW coordinator. 
  • An application to the LNYW Program does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded.
  • Grants are available for homes purchased within the target areas identified by the UMB LNYW initiative.
  • Final approval and disbursement of funds is contingent upon the timely receipt of the documents required by the city of Baltimore and UMB.
  • If the employee is applying for additional incentives, the employee must abide by the requirements of those entities.
  • False statements or materials omissions made by an employee on, or in connection with, an application for a LNYW Program grant can result in denial of the grant, repayment of any grant funds received by the employee, and disciplinary action up to and including termination.

As you prepare to purchase a home in one of the qualifying neighborhoods, we encourage you to review their current demographics and statistical information. These can be viewed through our community
partners at the Southwest Partnership and Live Baltimore.