Political Activity for UMB Employees

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) stands firmly behind the importance of freedom of expression.

This belief is deeply rooted in our mission to make the world a better place and to serve the people of Maryland and beyond. Our Core Values of Respect and Integrity, Well-being and Sustainability, Equity and Justice, and Innovation and Discovery are the foundation of everything we do at UMB.

Generally, UMB employees, as individuals, are free to express any political opinion and participate in any political activity, including volunteering for campaigns and running for public office.

There are, however, State Ethics rules and other legal limitations on using State resources for political activities.  UMB employees may not use UMB, USM, or other State resources while participating in political activities. This means that employees are prohibited from using work time, funds, facilities, computers, equipment, services, IT systems, letterhead, or other UMB assets to support their involvement in political activities.

For example, UMB employees are prohibited from:

  • Engaging in political activity on the job during working hours, including but not limited to distributing flyers, posters, or political/campaign materials on campus;
  • Using their affiliation with UMB or the prestige of their position to benefit themselves individually or to benefit others; this includes leveraging their status or connections within the university to solicit a political contribution or to influence political decisions, secure funding, or gain favors that serve personal interests; or using any UMB resources to serve personal political interests. Such activities could undermine the impartiality and integrity of the institution and erode public trust;
  • Using confidential UMB information in an unlawful or unauthorized manner, including for political activities; or
  • Using their supervisory or managerial position to take an action that would suggest they are urging or requiring their subordinates to engage in political activity or make political contributions.