Support, Caregiving, and Work-Life Resources During COVID-19

A father and daughter looking at a laptop computer together

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a work-life balance shift in nearly everyone’s lives.

For parents, caregivers of young and old, the demands have changed. You will find resources to help children learn from home, and tips to care for the elderly. This page serves as a portal to a variety of tips, information, resources, and policies that can help provide flexibility during this difficult time.


Caregiving and Parenting Resources 

Learning Resources for Pre-K to Fifth Grade 

  • Reading and Literacy Tools to enrich and engage in your child's learning. 
    • Story Time From Space
      Watch and listen to astronauts reading stories from the International Space Station. Website also includes curriculum for educators.
    • Reading tools
      Research, guides, resources, videos, blogs, PBS shows, and fun reading activities.

    • More reading tools
      Digital books with narration from Unite for Literacy.
    • Literacy, Math, Social/Emotional Development
      Talking Is Teaching portal created by Too Small To Fail.
    • HeartSmarts Adventure
      Free access to eLearning programs for kids age 4-6+; programs to enrich minds of young children; topics from health, wellness, gratitude, and paying it forward. 
  • Math Skills
  • Music
    • Instruments
      Listen to a variety of sounds and learn about them.   
  • Exercise   
    • Go Noodle!
      Active videos you can groove and move to.

Learning Resources for Middle School 

  • Games, Reading, Worksheets, Quizzes, and more 
  • Met Museum
    Appropriate for kids up to 12 years old. Discover Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City virtually! Let your kids explore art and enrich their minds with fun facts, a time machine, and creative videos from kids.

Additional Learning Resources for All Ages 

Tips, Advice, and Guidance for Parents 

Other Resources for Parents 

UMB Self-Care Tools for Caregivers 

Other UMB Flexibility Options for Parents and Caregivers 

Specific benefit eligibility and the amount of the state subsidy toward the cost of medical, prescription drugs, and dental benefits is determined by your employee classification and the percentage in which you are working. Please ensure you review the University of Maryland, Baltimore Summary of Benefits to see how benefits may be impacted if you decide to reduce/modify your employment with the University.