Ultimate Mileage Battle

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2019 UMB Faculty and Staff Step Competition 

Dust off your tennis shoes and swing into competition mode: UMB's Ultimate Mileage Battle* is coming to campus! Join your school or work area to compete against the others to win the trophy! The school or area that has the highest daily step average earned between Oct. 14 and Nov. 27 will be the winner.

Other physical activity will count toward your steps, and you will win bragging rights and a traveling trophy to instill this event as an annual tradition.

Sign up soon; only limited spaces are available in the challenge.

*Thanks to Bill Marker, a 1976 Carey School of Law alumnus, who came up with the name of UMB’s inaugural step challenge.*

URecFit Offering Free Two-Month Track-Only Membership at SMC for Ultimate Mileage Battle Participants

There is great news for Ultimate Mileage Battle participants! URecFit is offering free two-month (October and November) track-only memberships at the SMC Campus Center for those who are registered in the step challenge. This option gives you a chance to walk indoors in the campus center in case of inclement weather to maximize your step count.

If you are interested, you will need to bring your ID and cell phone to show team membership in order to sign up to use the track during the following hours: Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.


  • Download the MoveSpring app or navigate to app.movespring.com in a web browser

  • Enter the org code UMB2019 (not case sensitive), then confirm UMB as the organization

  • Create your MoveSpring account and connect a device

  • Once your MoveSpring account is created, you’ll automatically be added to the challenge

  • *If you don’t see the UMB2019 Team Challenge in the pending tab, use the green Join button on the dashboard*

  • Tap the “Join Team” button and use the green ‘+’ to join your team!

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for details on any of the above steps.

For questions about the Move/Spring app, contact movespring.team@movespring-268075ba49e6.intercom-mail.com 

*Please note this is a track membership only and use of other facilities without the appropriate membership will result in cancellation of the track membership.*

Team Members IconTeams

*FPI and UM FDSP employees who work at UMB as full or part-time staff can compete on the team for the school that employs them.*

School of Dentistry


School of Law


School of Medicine


School of Nursing


School of Pharmacy


School of Social Work


Graduate School


Campus All-Stars

(all staff not employed by a school such as UMB police, facilities, human resources, administration, and more)

*You should understand that when participating in any exercise program there is a possibility of injury. Your participation in this challenge is voluntary and not required as a part of your job. UMB is not responsible or liable for any injuries suffered during the challenge.*

STEP Wellness IconWellness Lunch and Learn

There is no cost for these programs and they are open to all of the UMB community. Want to register for an event? See the available dates.

Date  Time Location Program Title
10/18  12 p.m. - 1 p.m. SMC Campus Center, 349 Walking: Step Up to Good Health! 
10/25 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. SMC Campus Center, 349  Stretching for Walking 
11/1  12 p.m. - 1 p.m.  SMC Campus Center, 349  Practical Ways to Move More 
11/8  12 p.m. - 1 p.m.  SMC Campus Center, 349  Eating on the Run 
11/15 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.  SMC Campus Center, 349  Healthy Backs 
11/22 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.  SMC Campus Center, 349  Goal Setting to Keep the Walking Habit 

Question mark boxesFrequently Asked Questions


What Devices Can Connect to Movespring?

MoveSpring supports most major fitness trackers, including:

  • Android Phones:
    • Android 4.2 or above through the Google Fit app.
  • Apple Watch 
  • Fitbit:
    • Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, Blaze, MobileTracker app
  • Garmin:
    • vívofit, vívofit 2, vívosmart, vivosmart HR, vívoactive, vivokí, **
  • Google Fit (Android, Pebble, Xiaomi)
  • iPhone 5s and above - Apple Health App (Polar, Pebble, Xiaomi, and more)
  • Jawbone:
    • UP, UP24, UP Move, UP2, UP3, UP4
  • Misfit:
    • Flash Cyclist, Flash, Link, Ray, Shine, Shine2, Speedo Shine, Swarovski Activity Crystal
  • Withings:
    • Pulse, Pulse O2, Activité Pop, Activité, Activité Steel

If you do not have a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or one of the fitness trackers listed above, contact Laurelyn Irving for details.

How Does Syncing Work?

Your data automatically becomes available to MoveSpring after you sync your device, but we can’t pull data directly from your device, so you have to sync it.

To sync, open the device app on your phone. We recommend syncing several times a day to ensure that your steps are counted for each challenge. When you next open the MoveSpring app, your steps will be fetched.  

There also is a 72-hour grace period that allows players to sync after each day in a challenge.

If you do not see your activity after several sync attempts or you forget to sync for more than 36 hours, please reach out to MoveSpring Support for assistance by selecting the help icon on the bottom right of the screen (web) or by navigating to “Settings” in the app and selecting “Message Support” at the bottom of the screen.

How Do I Sync My Device?

Watch a how-to video for mobile syncing here: https://youtu.be/1-_dd6CINkU 

Watch a how-to video for syncing on the web: https://youtu.be/DlFkQhbpWUc 

Apple (Health App and Watch) and Google Fit users*

MoveSpring syncs your steps data directly from the Apple Health app or Google Fit app on your phone. To sync your steps to your MoveSpring account, you only need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone.

*Please note: Apple Health and Google Fit users must sync from the MoveSpring app, not the website.*

All Other Devices

MoveSpring syncs your steps data from your device’s cloud server online, not directly from your device or the corresponding app. To sync your steps to MoveSpring, you need to first make sure they’re available in the cloud.

To do this:

Open the device app on your phone. For example, open the Fitbit app. Pull down the screen to refresh (touch the top of the screen and drag your finger down), and this will push your data into the Fitbit cloud. Next, open the MoveSpring app and your steps will sync.

General Syncing Information

To sync steps data into your MoveSpring account, you will need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone or go to the MoveSpring website and click the green “Sync” button at the top right. MoveSpring cannot sync your steps data if you do not open the MoveSpring app or go to its website. 

We recommend syncing several times a day to keep your data up to date in your challenge. All MoveSpring challenges have a 72-hour grace period after the challenge ends to give you extra time to sync your final steps. 

If you are missing steps for multiple days in your challenge, please reach out to your challenge administrator(s) for assistance. They can adjust any step totals, up to 30 days past, at their discretion.

If you do not see your activity update after several sync attempts, please reach out to MoveSpring Support for assistance and they will assist you with any syncing questions. Contact MoveSpring Support by selecting the blue circle icon at the bottom right of the screen (web) or by navigating to your profile (app)

What is ‘Activity Override’ and How Do I Use It?

Need to edit the activity data from your device? Want to convert another activity such as swimming or biking to steps? Read this section for how-tos, limitations, and rules that apply.

When enabled, MoveSpring’s “Activity Override” feature allows users to easily add data into the platform when they already have a device connected. This is a simple process for users who may be manually converting other activities into steps, if their device tracks steps but not active minutes, or if they simply just left their device at home.

Typically, when a user wants to manually input data with a device connected, they would need to change their device to “Manual Entry,” input their data (up to five days), save, and successfully change their device back to their tracker. This can take time and isn’t the simplest user experience. 

“Activity Override” allows users to edit their data without switching to “Manual Entry.”

If you do not have a device connected to your MoveSpring account, we recommend you use “Manual Entry" to log your steps. 

NOTE: Not all administrators enable this feature for users. You may not have this available on your account.

‘Edit Activity’ Overview

The “Edit Activity” button is located at the very top right of your dashboard, across from the “Your Activity” label. Similar to “Manual Entry,” it allows you to enter in steps, distance, and active minutes for the current day and the previous four days (five days in total). This is done straight from the dashboard without requiring you to switch to “Manual Entry.”

How to Edit Activity

  1. Select the “Edit Activity” button.
  2. The next screen will feature a five-day log of activities. Select the pencil icon for the day you would like to edit.
  3. Enter your steps, distance, and/or active minutes data. Only number values are allowed. Please do not enter a comma when editing your steps. Decimals are accepted for entering distance data.
  4. Once you are done entering totals, select the green “Save” button. 
  5. A green check mark will appear to confirm your edits have been saved. 
  6. Repeat the steps for other days as needed. 
  7. Once done, navigate back to the dashboard to exit.


To ensure that data is never counted twice, MoveSpring will not combine data from two different devices or edited entries.

For example: We sync 5,000 steps from your Fitbit in the morning. Then you edit that to 10,000 steps in the afternoon. MoveSpring cannot sync more steps from your Fitbit until the Fitbit steps exceed 10,000. To make sure all totals from your device are counted, we recommend waiting until the end of the day to make edits or wait until the next day.


Challenge grace period rules will apply to any data that you edit using this feature. 

  1. You can edit up to five days of steps, distance, and/or active minutes. However, the challenge will only score the past three days. If you are editing the fourth or fifth day back, please reach out to MoveSpring Support to ensure that those days are scored in your challenge. 
  2. Once a challenge ends, there is a default 72-hour period for you to ensure your final steps are counted. After the grace period, the challenge is fully closed and can no longer be rescored. Any activity you edit within the duration of the challenge will save to your MoveSpring account but can no longer be scored in your challenge.
    1. Please note: Your challenge administrator has the ability to shorten the grace period to close challenge stats early. 
  3. If you need to backdate activity in your challenge farther than five days, please contact your challenge administrator(s) for assistance. They can adjust totals, up to 30 days past, at their discretion or according to their rules. 

Remember, when using this feature, users are on an honor system. If any dishonesty is suspected, your administrator may reach out to verify activity. 

If you need any help or have any questions, please reach out to MoveSpring Support directly by clicking the blue dot icon at the bottom right (web) or by navigating to “Profile” and selecting “Need help? Tap here” (app)

How Do I Track Other Forms of Physical Activity? Do You Have a Conversion Table?

If you would like to convert other activities to steps, click on the link below to find out how many steps you can manually enter into the MoveSpring app based on how long you participated in your alternative activity.

  1. https://s3.amazonaws.com/movespring/resources/MoveSpring_ActivitytoSteps.pdf
  2. UMB Step Conversion Table

How Do I Communicate with My Team Members?

You can communicate with your fellow challenge participants by using the chat in MoveSpring.

In the app, click “Chat” at the bottom of the screen. On the web, select “Chat” from the upper right next to your profile image. Select your team name to open the chat with only your teammates. Select the overall challenge name to chat with all members of the challenge group on all teams.

Use the chat to encourage your group, share photos and experiences throughout the challenge, and ask questions.

How Do I Know My Personal Data Is Private and Secure?

We understand the need and desire to keep sensitive information private and secure. Below are helpful links to UMB and MoveSpring privacy policies as well as MoveSpring’s general terms and conditions:


IT Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Need Help in MoveSpring?

Please reach out to MoveSpring Support for one-on-one troubleshooting. MoveSpring Support can be reached easily by clicking the blue dot icon at the bottom right of the screen (web) or by selecting Profile and then “Need help? Tap here on the next screen” (app). You also can email MoveSpring Support directly at movespring.team@movespring-268075ba49e6.intercom-mail.com 

MoveSpring Support hours are Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. If reaching out during off-hours, the support team will respond as soon as possible during the next business hours.

Any Other Questions?

For technical questions or troubleshooting for MoveSpring, please reach out to the MoveSpring Support Center from the MoveSpring app. Go to “Profile” and click on the gear icon in the upper right to locate your settings. Scroll to the bottom and select “Message Support.”

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