Ultimate Mileage Battle

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2020 Special Summer Edition: UMB Faculty and Staff Step Competition 

Let's walk through COVID-19 together — UMB's Ultimate Mileage Battle is partnering with the Community Engagement Center (CEC) to give back to the community. During the pandemic, our nearby communities are struggling economically with strained resources and need our support. Let’s support the CEC by helping to raise money for James McHenry Elementary/Middle School eighth-graders. *The funds are needed to help prepare students to be successful for the upcoming school year. Learn how to give (donations are voluntary for this step challenge). 

Join your school or work area or create a team of your own to compete against the others for the Step Champion Title! Winners will also have the chance to be featured on the Launch Your Life website and newsletter.

The school or area that has the highest daily step average earned between July 20 and Aug. 14 will be the winner. Other recognitions will be awarded at the end of the challenge. Different types of physical activity will count toward your steps, and you will be provided a conversion chart.  

Ultimate Mileage Battle Results



Registration is open, and steps will start counting on the kickoff day, Monday, July 20.

  •  To register and update your daily steps, please go to: https://cf.umaryland.edu/ultimate_mileage/ 

  • You will need to complete the “Sign-up form” before you can add your steps so we know what team you want to be associated with. If your team isn’t listed, please use the “Teams” link to suggest a new team. Please allow one to two days for approval of names.
  • Once you have signed up, use the “Mileage Tracking Form” to record your daily steps for each day. Tip: Set a reminder to log in your steps. You have seven days to go back and record your steps. 

  • You will have a grace period of three days to log in your steps at the end of the program.
  • You can give online: Please visit https://umaryland.givecorps.com/causes/16760-ultimate-mileage-battle

For questions or feedback, please contact HRWell@umaryland.edu.


*Please note you do not have to participate in the step challenge to donate as others are welcome to help raise money such as family and friends*

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School of Dentistry


School of Law


School of Medicine


School of Nursing


School of Pharmacy


School of Social Work


Graduate School


Campus All-Stars

(all staff not employed by a school such as UMB police, facilities, human resources, administration, and more)

*You should understand that when participating in any exercise program there is a possibility of injury. Your participation in this challenge is voluntary and not required as a part of your job. UMB is not responsible or liable for any injuries suffered during the challenge.*

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