Employee and Labor Relations

The Employee and Labor Relations unit serves as a resource for employees surrounding issues related to interpretation of UMB policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements, FMLA, and leave. We also administer the annual performance development program. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and timely service that fosters a supportive work environment consistent with UMB’s Core Values.  



Employment Administration

Employment administration is meant to serve as a resource on several components of employment. Areas include information on job groups, probationary periods, work hours, closures and delays, and essential employees.



Performance Development Program

Performance development at UMB is successful when there is continuous communication between employees and their supervisors about work expectations, goals, and performance.

Grievances, Complaints, and Collective Bargaining Agreements

UMB encourages the informal resolution of employee complaints. The Grievances, Complaints, and Collective Bargaining Agreements section will help employees navigate the process.

Leave Administration

Review the policies and procedures for the various types of leave.