Performance Development

The Performance Development Program (PDP) is UMB's formal process for employee evaluation and development. Participating in the PDP process is a critical responsibility for every supervisor, and it is expected that an evaluation be completed at the end of the performance cycle. By using the process, employees are clear about goals, objectives, and expectations that are essential to an employee’s development and overall success.



  • Submit evaluations via email at
  • Must be submitted via an attachment in Word format only!
  • Maintain a copy of the evaluation with all required signatures.
  • Look for your confirmation email from

For assistance, please contact Employee and Labor Relations at 410-706-7302.

Performance Improvement

A performance improvement plan is a plan that communicates performance expectations, where an employee is not meeting the expectation and instructions on what must be done to correct deficiencies and the timeframe in which it should be accomplished. This plan can be constructed with the assistance of Employee and Labor Relations.