Kaiser Permanente

Members of the Kaiser Plan must use participating providers for all services. All plans include vision services, mental health services, and supplies.

How the Plans Work

Once enrolled in a medical plan, employees receive identification cards in the mail to be used every time medical services are received. Depending on the type of medical plan chosen, the way medical services are received and how much they cost will vary. Employees should review the plans carefully and select the plan that best suits their needs. Integrated Health Management plans such as Kaiser do not provide out-of-network benefits except for true emergencies.

2017 Evidence of Coverage

Coordination of Benefits

All services must be managed by your Kaiser Permanente providers. This plan will not provide for coordination of benefits from other plans.

When a Provider Terminates from the Plan Network

Providers may decide to terminate from a plan network at any time. A provider terminating from a plan is not considered a qualifying event that would allow coverage to be canceled or changed. Employees must wait until the next Open Enrollment period to make any changes to plans.

How to Contact

Kaiser Permanente

Inside and outside metro area
1-855-839-5763 (toll free)

For the hearing- and speech-impaired
711 (toll free TTY)