Percipio by Skillsoft is a one-stop shop for professional learning provided by Human Resource Services. With Percipio, we have a single eLearning platform to grow talent development and performance. There are multiple resources that cover all aspects of professional life, from improving computer proficiency to enhancing leadership skills.

Through Percipio, employees have the opportunity to: 

  • Access thousands of content items including courses, videos, audiobooks, ebooks, articles, podcasts, and summaries 
  •  Participate in skills-based learning paths 
  •  Register for live and virtual courses 
  •  Set learning goals 
  •  Earn digital badges 
  •  Gauge skill proficiency through Skill Benchmark assessments

To get more familiar with the Percipio platform, view the Percipio Walkthrough video

If you have questions, please review the FAQ below. If your question was not answered, please submit an eLearning support request

Percipio FAQ

General Troubleshooting

How do I access Percipio?  

If you don't have a UMID: 

  1. UMB employees need a UMID to access Percipio. If you do not have a UMID, please use the CITS UMID reference guide that describes how to get a UMID and answers frequently asked UMID-related questions.

If you do have a UMID: 

  1. Navigate to https://umaryland.percipio.com
  2. Sign in with your UMID.
  3. Send and approve a DUO authentication push notification. 

I can’t access my account. What do I do?  

New Employees: 

  1. Percipio accounts are created 3-5 business days after onboarding. If problems persist, follow the steps for existing employees. 

Existing Employees: 

  1. If using a mobile or tablet device, try using a laptop or PC. 
  2. Ensure that you have allowed pop-ups and cookies for Percipio. 
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies using this guide from CITS.
  4. If problems persist, submit a support ticket

Campus Affiliates:

  1. Not all campus affiliates have access to Percipio. Depending on your role and functions, some affiliates may access Percipio through a separate portal. If you are an affiliate and you receive an error message when logging in to the primary site, please try https://affiliates.percipio.com/ 

How do I access my assignments?  

screenshot of percipio homepage displaying an assignment below the banner

  1. New training will appear on your Percipio homepage beneath the banner.  
  2. Alternatively, for Compliance assignments, access the Skillsoft Apps waffle icon next to your initials on the Percipio home page. 
    • Select Compliance to find your assigned courses.


Optional Assignments:

Some compliance courses that are not mandatory for all users in a group may be assigned as “optional” so the individuals who do require the course have on-demand access. Percipio Compliance Assignments Page displaying a required and optional assignment

3. To find optional assignments, follow steps 1 or 2 and then scroll down the Compliance Assignments page to find courses assigned as optional.  

Please note: If you have completed all mandatory compliance assignments, an assignment reminder will not appear on your Percipio homepage for any optional content. You will still be able to access the course(s) by following the instructions in Step 2.

How do I access my course completion/certificate?  

Screenshot of Percipio homepage with the My Profile drop-down selected.

  1. Access Compliance certificates via the Compliance option from the Skillsoft Apps waffle icon on the Percipio home page. 
  2. Access Training completions via the Activity option from the My Profile drop-down. 
  3. For more detailed instructions, view the Training Completion (User Guide)

I’m experiencing issues accessing a course or content item. What can I do?  

  1. If using a mobile device, try using a laptop or PC. Some courses are not configured for mobile access. 
  2. Ensure that you are using the most up to date version of your browser. 
  3. Check that you have allowed pop-ups and cookies for Percipio. Some browsers require users to enable cookies.
  4. Clear your browser cache and cookies using this guide from CITS.
  5. Try a different browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox). Edge and Chrome are the most compatible with Percipio. 
  6. If problems persist, submit a support ticket

Why won't my training load? 

Screenshot of training stuck on a loading screen due to disabled cookies.Typically, if a course is stuck on a loading page, it is due to cookies being disabled on your browser. Cookies can help to track your course progress and can be required for some videos to play.  If this is the case, typically you will see an icon in your URL bar that indicates cookies are being blocked (displayed). 

  1. If you see one of these icons when you launch the course, click on it to allow cookies.
  2. Alternatively, follow the instructions for your browser to allow cookies:

Compliance Training

I’m experiencing issues completing a course. What can I do?  

  1. Percipio times out after extended periods of inactivity, which can result in lost progress. If you need to pause a training, your progress will be saved when you exit the course. 
  2. Exit the course properly. Using the EXIT or SUBMIT button, if present, will ensure your progress is saved when you leave.
  3. If problems persist, submit a support ticket.

When taking a Vector Solutions course (ex: Title IX, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Discrimination Awareness):A screenshot of a Vector Solutions compliance course, highlighting the play button, which should be used to complete a video after answering a quiz question.

  1. When you watch a video that includes a quiz or scenario question at the end, make sure that you click the “play” button after answering the final question so the system can track that you’ve completed the entire video. If you return to the Course Details Page with the back arrow at the top, your progress will not be saved. 

How can I change the language of my compliance training? 

  1. screenshot of compliance homepage displaying an assignment with the Spanish translation selected.On the Compliance Assignments page, select your preferred language from the language drop-down.
  2. Courses will appear in your preferred language automatically, if available.  

Supervisor/Manager Support

How can I access training reports? 


  1. The Percipio Analytics drop-down menu is selected, displaying available dashboards and reports for managers. The Detailed Activity Report is highlighted.Training reports are accessible through the Analytics menu on the Percipio Homepage.
  2. The Detailed Activity Report is one of the most commonly used. It generates a CSV of user activity data including scores and completion status. Please note: there is a delay in the data refresh, so updates are not immediate.
  3. For additional information about using report functions including sharing and scheduling, view the Manager Guide for Reports
  4. If additional help is needed, submit a support ticket



How do I create an assignment?  

The Percipio Learning drop-down menu is selected, and the Assignments option is highlighted.

  1. Managers/Supervisors can create assignments for their direct reports through the Learning menu on the Percipio homepage. 
  2. Select Assignments, and you will be taken to the Create Assignment page to enter the required assignment details.
  3. For detailed assignment instructions, view the Manager Guide for Assignments 
  4. If additional help is needed, submit a support ticket


How do I host a live course in Percipio? 

If you are interested in hosting a live course in Percipio in order to track registrations, review the Instructor Guide to see the permissions that are available when hosting a course. To initiate a live course hosting request, please complete this form on Qualtrics. 

I'm interested in PMP certification through Percipio. How do I get my learner kit? 

Percipio provides base study materials for these exams free of charge, but the costs associated with obtaining the certification itself, such as examination fees and other certification-related expenses like the learner kit (a Project Management Institute requirement), are not covered by our platform. To pay for these certification-related expenses, the user may choose to cover the costs individually, or, departments may have dedicated funds for professional development. We encourage users to contact their supervisors to see if there is an option for reimbursement.  

To obtain the learner kit, follow the steps below: 

  1. Create a free PMI account (if you have not already).

  2. To obtain the learner kit, purchase it at the following link: https://www.skillsoft.com/pmp-voucher-offering.

  3. Once purchased, Skillsoft creates a voucher code that the user can then enter on the PMI website to gain access to the kit.

  4. Voucher codes can be redeemed here: http://pmi.lochoice.com/