Contingent/Contractual Employees

Contractual employees of the University are designated as either Contingent Category I or Contingent Category II. Expand the section that aligns with your employment category to learn more about your new hire responsibilities.  




Contingent I 
Contingent I Employees include individuals who have an employment contract for a term of six months or less. If you are not sure of your employment category, refer to your offer letter.

Contingent I Faculty and Staff must visit Human Resources for an Intake appointment before they report to their hiring department.

The checklist below lists forms that need to be completed on your first day of employment. You can either (1) print and complete the forms prior to your first day, or (2) complete the forms when you arrive for your appointment. Please use black ink to complete the forms.  

New Hire Forms for Contingent Faculty and Staff 

Contingent II 
Contingent II Employees include individuals who have a contract for more than six but no more than 12 consecutive months of employment. These employees work on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis of 50% or more of full-time employment. If you are not sure of your employment category, refer to your offer letter.

All newly hired Contingent II employees are required to attend New Employee Onboarding by their first day.

You will be registered for Onboarding by your department representative. The location, time, and parking information will be included in a welcome email that will be sent when registration is complete. At the Onboarding session, members of the Human Resource Services team will welcome you to UMB, review the benefits of your employment, and collect all required forms and information.

Our New Hire Checklist is designed to support you through the onboarding process so you will be ready for your first day.

New Hire Checklist


The following tasks must be completed prior to attending your onboarding session. Review the New Hire Checklist for instructions on completing these requirements.

  1. Complete the I-9 Form
  2. Submit Supplemental Data Form Documentation
  3. Upload a Photo for your ID Badge
  4. Complete Payroll forms (Federal Tax Withholding, State Tax Withholding, and Direct Deposit). Forms must be typed and signed/dated in black ink.
  5. Register for parking (if applicable) 

Contingent/Contractual Employee Health Benefits

Health and Prescription Drug Coverage
The State of Maryland will offer subsidized health and prescription drug benefit coverage for contractual employees (and their dependents) who have a current employment contract and are scheduled to regularly work 30 or more hours a week (or an average 130 hours per month or faculty teaching 9 credits or more a semester). The employee will be responsible for paying 25% of the premiums for medical and prescription coverage for themselves and any eligible dependents enrolled. The State of Maryland will subsidize the remaining 75% of the benefit premiums for these benefits. Monthly direct pay billing from DBM will reflect the remaining 25%.

Other Benefit Coverage
Contractual Contingent I and Contingent Il employees who have a current employment contract and work 30 or more hours a week (or an average of 130 hours per month or faculty teaching 9 credits or more a semester) may also elect to enroll in dental coverage, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, but will be responsible to pay the full premium for these benefits.

Contractual employees who work less than 75% (less than 30 hours/week) on contracts greater than 90-days are eligible to participate in the State Benefits Program at the un-subsidized rates. 

For more information about health benefit enrollment and rates, visit New Employee Health Benefits Enrollment.

Contingent/Contractual Employee Leave Eligibility

Contingent Category I employees are not eligible for paid leave.

Contingent Category II employees are eligible for the following leave benefits per contract year (prorated for contracts (1) less than a full year and/or (2) for part-time employment):

  • Ten (10) days of annual leave;
  • Five (5) days of sick leave;
  • Three (3) personal days;
  • Nine (9) holidays to include New Year's, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.