Make Kindness Count

Make Kindness Count

Make Kindness Count is an initiative that embraces everything the University of Maryland, Baltimore believes in — promoting and celebrating kindness within our University community by fostering belonging and a culture of care.

Research shows that paying it forward and performing random acts of kindness can benefit your overall well-being and happiness. Let’s spread kindness and strive to create a positive and supportive work environment for all.

Blue jars on a table

Warm the Soul with Kindness

To kick off the Make Kindness Count initiative, "warm the soul with kindness" soup kit jars were distributed to faculty and staff at UMB's Holiday Craft Fair on Dec. 2, 2022. Recipients were encouraged to keep the jar for themselves as a form of self-care, or to pay it forward by passing it along to a colleague or friend. 

In addition to the soup kit, each jar included a "kindness note" that can be passed on to recognize someone you appreciate.

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Make Kindness Count Email Signature

Make Kindness Count Email Signature


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    Using science to build products, programs, and partnerships that empower people to transform behaviors and choose kindness more often.

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