UMB Diversity News Stories

April 8, 2022  |  Gilead funds University of Maryland School of Social Work study surrounding HIV prevention medication.

March 15, 2022  |  University is named to the list of Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs by “Diverse: Issues In Higher Education” magazine.

March 2, 2022  |  Pop-up event provides food supplies and spreads awareness about the UMB Student Pantry.

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February 18, 2022  |  Thinking broadly about the job, “I see myself as a connector,” Fleming says. “In many respects, I am the person who will connect with faculty, staff, and students, to help us do the work.”

February 18, 2022  |  In UMB Black History Month Celebration keynote, Lawrence Brown says Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is unfulfilled, advocates a plan of action akin to the Freedom Budget to fight institutional racism.