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Mission Statement:

The University of Maryland, Baltimore Council for the Arts and Culture is a group of faculty, staff, students, and community members appointed by the president whose mission is to promote the rich history of our institution and surrounding neighborhoods and to celebrate the creative talents of the University community, thereby raising awareness of the links between the arts and sciences.

Upcoming Events

Cicada Parade-a

Cicada Parade-a: Join in the Fun!

Cicada Parade-a is a large-scale collaborative art project that will be on display in and around Baltimore starting in May 2021 and running through the summer. This project celebrates the re-emergence of Brood X, Central Maryland’s 17-year cicada brood, which will return by the trillions to Maryland this summer.

More than 100 local artists will be decorating their own cicada sculpture that will hang around the city publicly for free. You can find them all on a map at

Emerging from the Dark

The last time Brood X emerged was 2004 — what feels like a lifetime ago by now. The Cicada Parade-a represents an emergence from a long period of darkness to sing, make noise, and fall in love with the world again. This theme of transformative change will be explored in each piece, not just in the sculptures, but also in a collection of stories about looking back and acknowledging the changes and transformations that occur in and around us over long cycles.

Organizers will place sculptures in places of interest around the city, from the streets to the parks, inspiring people to explore and find other cicada sculptures and creating joyful encounters that can spark transformative conversations and promote social change.

This project was featured in a story on WMAR-TV. Click here to watch.

Intersested in becoming a sponsor for this event? Please view the Cicada Parade-a Sponsorship List to learn more.

BSO Take a Break

Take a Break with the BSO

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is sponsoring “Take a Break with the BSO,” a series of short recital videos on YouTube performed by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) musicians that are designed to help reorganize you brain and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Listening to these 10-minute recitals provides the perfect opportunity to grab a coffee or snack, or even just to tune in and turn off while you close your eyes and take it all in. The BSO is proud to offer these performances to the hardworking students, faculty, and staff at UMB. Watch them here.

BSO Offstage Logo 200x200

BSO Offstage

"Just as we are committed to doing our part to stop the spread of the virus, we are also committed to sharing the healing power of music, finding new ways to be of service, and making meaningful connections during this time of social distancing. We hope you will both join and support these efforts in whatever way you can.” -Marin Alsop, Music Director, BSO. Learn more.

Hippodrome Foundation

Hippodrome Foundation News: Take a Virtual Tour

The Hippodrome Foundation recently had the opportunity to work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, whose Seacrest Studios produced a virtual tour of the Hippodrome Theatre for children at National Children’s Hospital. We hope you enjoy!

Social Studio Logo 200x200

Social Studio Art Online

To support our community against the pandemic, Social Studio’s classes have moved online while our space is closed. Let’s make art together. Sign up for an online art class today!