Diversity Advisory Council

Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Council is to advise and provide comprehensive feedback to the UMB Chief Diversity Officer/Vice President on University goals, initiatives, and other priorities to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, anti-racism, and anti-oppression at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.


The mission of the Diversity Advisory Council is to:

1. Elevate important issues to University leaders, including and in collaboration with the Chief Diversity Officer/Vice President, using an equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, anti-racist, and anti-oppression lens.

2. Provide consultation and champion current and new initiatives including climate surveys, campus-wide dialogues, and cross-cultural awareness and learning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

3. Advise on best practices and approaches to attract, retain, support, and advance a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

4. Recommend approaches and accountability measures based on best practices at the University and beyond to ensure that ongoing efforts around diversity, inclusion, and justice are well-coordinated.



School Designees:

Each school may appoint 1 faculty member, staff member, or student.
School representatives are appointed by their Dean.


Appoint up to 1-2 depending on size. The following areas each appoint up to 2 individuals.

▪Administration & Finance
▪External Affairs
▪Office of the Provost
•Units reporting to the Office of the President

Shared Governance Bodies:

Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and University Student Government Association may each appoint 1 representative.

Additional Representatives

•Alumni (1) •Dean/VP (1) •Community member/partner (1)
•Graduate Student Association (1)
•Faculty/staff affinity groups (up to 3)
•Student affinity groups (up to 3)
•Health Sciences/Human Services Library (1)
•Post-doctoral fellow (1)

Ex-Officio Members:

•AVP/Chief Human Resource Officer
•Executive Director, Intercultural Leadership & Engagement Center
•Director, Educational Support & Disability Services
•School designated diversity and inclusion leaders
•Executive Director of DEI, Administration & Finance


Members of the UMB community nominated themselves or someone else using an online form. Nominations shared with the Dean, VP, or another appropriate individual/group for consideration before making appointments.

Terms of Service:

•Each member shall serve a 2-year term.
•Students serve a 1-year term, with the possibility of a 2nd year.
•Re-appointment to an additional 2-year term possible. Maximum term: 4 years.
•Ex-officio members not subject to terms of service.