Diversity Advisory Council

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Member Roles and Responsibilities

Members-at-Large of the DAC shall consist of designated representatives from constituent schools, shared governance bodies, and central administration of UMB. Each of the seven schools may designate up to two (2) employees (at least one (1) faculty member and one (1) staff member) to serve as members of the DAC.  

In addition to the 14 faculty and staff members representing each school, membership will include: at least seven (7) staff members, including central administration; one (1) postdoctoral fellow; based on funds, one (1) Diversity fellow; two (2) members from shared governance bodies (Faculty Senate and Staff Senate); and two (2) students.  

Member Responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in activities and programs of the DAC
  • Attend at least eight monthly meetings per academic year (which includes no more than two attendances via teleconference and no more than two absences)  
  • Serve on at least one standing committee  
  • Maintain visibility of the work of the DAC among employees of their respective school or organization and the community  
  • Serve as their school, governance bodies, or central administration liaison
  • Serve as advocates for and champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective schools, shared governance, and central administration.  
  • Serve as a channel for communicating diversity-related news and information to faculty, staff, and students in their respective school, shared governance, and central administration.  
  • Maintain meaningful dialogues with respective schools, shared governance, or central administration and report concerns at DAC meetings.