Key Themes - REPS

As a result of the Diversity Strategic Plan Committee’s thorough review, the following Universitywide areas of focus were identified (click on the theme to read more):

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives in the following tables are based on those generated by the four Theme Working Groups. They include the four overarching goals, or what we want to achieve, followed by a series of objectives that show how we will achieve the goals.

Metrics and Accountability

Metrics of assessment and loci of accountability show what we are doing to meet each objective, how we will maintain accountability, and how we will measure our progress, so they are an integral part of the following tables. Proposed assessment metrics were developed with the support of the education consulting firm EAB and are meant to be both specific metrics that will be used and suggestive of the types of metrics individual units may develop. Loci of accountability were developed in consultation with senior leadership.

Time Frame

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion collaborates with the Office of the President in tracking the progress of the goals supporting the REPS objectives. The following tables indicate where UMB’s current progress, which includes exploration, creation, and implementation phases. Rather than marking tasks as completed, we recognize that this work will always include a process of expanding and deepening. The time frame for achieving the next phase for some of the goals may be short, mid, or long, while others may be continuous.