Hiring Data

Hiring dashboards provide statistics, trends, and comparative analysis for various personnel groups by organization (unit, school, or Universitywide), race/ethnicity1, and gender2. Hiring and headcount trends provide trend lines to compare hiring and headcount percentages by organizations, personnel groups, race/ethnicity, and gender.


Hiring and Headcount Trends

Line Chart IconThis dashboard shows trend lines to compare hiring and headcount percentages by organization, personnel groups, ethnicity and gender.  


1. Race and ethnicity refer to different types of categorizations. "Race" refers to socially constructed divisions of humanity to construct hierarchies and is inextricably linked to histories of oppression, enslavement, conquest, and genocides. "Ethnicity" refers to self-defined and shared groupings based in cultural origins and expressions, including ancestry, language, region, migration, foodways, literature, and music (Diversity Style GuideUniversity of Maryland, College Park Editorial Style GuidelinesCalifornia State University Diversity/Inclusivity Style GuideFlanagin, Frey, & Christiansen, 2021)

2. UMB recognizes gender diversity beyond genders. Employee gender identity reported in our HR systems is derived from government-issued documentation and populated in PeopleSoft from this data; it is not self-reported. Future work will involve aligning collected and reported employee gender identities with actual gender identities.