President's Council for Women

President's Council for Women Meeting

The President’s Council for Women (PCW) advises UMB's president on how to ensure women in every role at UMB are as successful as they can be.

PCW membership includes representation from every school in the University, the University of Maryland Medical System, the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, the University Student Government Association, the Faculty and Staff senates, and administrative offices.

Our Mission

To foster an environment of equity, opportunity, and fulfillment for all women in the UMB community.

Our Purpose

PCW shall take on a leadership role, participate in, and have a voice in the development of institutional initiatives, policies, and procedures to ensure such efforts are equitable and inclusive. PCW will partner with other entities with overlapping goals to implement tactics identified in the University’s strategic plan in order to achieve any gender equity goals.

A joint statement from PCW, Women in Medicine and Science, and the UMBrella Group

We will use our collective power to advance equity, inclusion, and justice for Black lives. Our systems are not “broken,” they were designed this way. We pledge to do our part to redesign policies, structures, and environments to support a fair and just world. We affirm that gender equity in programming, resources, and advocacy is a commitment to human rights.  A commitment to human rights must also include the abolition of systemic racial violence and disparate impact that threatens the lives and health of our colleagues, patients, families, community, and ourselves. Our efforts toward identifying and removing the barriers to success for women will be framed in the context of combating implicit and explicit bias and racism. All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter equally. 


All different types of women out there supporting each other and progressing in their careers