Top Calls for Help

The following topics include some of our most frequent requests — accounting for about 80 percent of our calls. Please review the content below to see if the help you need is here.

Top IT Recommendations

Top 10 IT Recommendations for Tele-Work and Tele-Education 
These are best practices and links to more information to facilitate working, teaching, and learning from off-campus.

Visit this page for more information on Office 365, VPN, IT Security, virtual meetings, Duo, Blackboard. etc.

IT Recommendations for Email Etiquette 

A majority of us spend a quarter of the week checking and replying to emails, so it is important to ensure that each email we send is clear, concise, and effective. To check out some recommendations around Email Etiquette, visit this page.

Community System

Community System Procedure for UMB Affiliates 
Affiliates are primarily individuals who are not paid employees or registered students who need access to University resources.

The affiliate information is entered into the Community System.

Editors, sponsors, and approvers can enter affiliates into the UMB Community System. Approving authorities can add Sponsors and Approvers.

NOTE: Getting an affiliate account does not automatically grant access to resources that require individuals to be a paid employee or registered student (for example, access to library resources or discounted software).

Certain applications (such as eUM HR, eUM Financials, eUM RAVEN, COEUS) require an additional form be filled out for access.

Building access requires an additional form to be filled out.

Please see more details for the Community System.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 410 706-HELP or via email.

Duo & Multi-Factor Authentication

Duo is the University of Maryland's solution for multi-factor authentication 
Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective methods to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Multi-factor authentication requires something you know (your UMID password) and something you have (like a smartphone or tablet app, or a mobile phone or landline phone) as an added layer of security to prevent anyone else from accessing your account.

For more information, click here.


GoogleApps@UMaryland and Office 365 accounts 
GoogleApps@UMaryland or Office 365 for students, Office 365 for employees

GoogleApps is the email system for some students at UMB. 

GoogleApps@UMaryland uses UMID Authentication (log in with your UMID and password).

Go here to access your GoogleApps@UMaryland.

More information about UMID Authentication.

More information about GoogleApps@UMaryland


Office 365 is the email systems for employees and new students at UMB.

To access your Office 365 email account via your web browser, go to

More information about Email Exchange

More information about Office 365

Email Phishing Warning

Email Phishing Warning 
You should NEVER send passwords via email. The University's information technology staff will NEVER need or ask you to send your password or ask you to go to a website to verify your account.

For more information about phishing, click here.

eUMB Electronic Timesheets

eUMB Electronic Timesheets 
Exempt and non-exempt (hourly) employees and their supervisors and payroll representatives are using the Electronic Timesheet system.

Click here for more information.

Network - Eduroam Wireless

Network - Eduroam Wireless 
Eduroam allows students, faculty, and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by using their local login credentials (UMID) on their laptop or smartphone. If you are an Affiliate - i.e. not an Employee or Student of UMB - and you do not have an email address ending in, your credentials are your

Network File Sharing

Network File Sharing 
Please click below for information about the lawful use of copyrighted materials on UMB’s computing networks and in UMB facilities as well as information about the consequences of illegally uploading, downloading, and sharing music, games, and movies.

More information regarding Illegal File Sharing.

New Employees, New Students, New Affiliates

New Employees, New Students, New Affiliates 
Here you will find links to many of the most common issues for new students, employees or affiliates at UMB.

Training Resources

Training Resources 
Information about training resources for eUM Systems, COEUS, SIMS, Electronic Timesheet Support, Microsoft Office, and more.

The CITS Enterprise Systems Training Enrollment Database enables you to self-register for any of roughly 20 live, instructor-led training sessions on various aspects of administrative systems that you might need or want to use as part of your job. 

Click here for more information.


New students, employees and affiliates are required to create a UMID and password to log onto the many resources provided by the University of Maryland such as SURFS, GoogleApps@UMaryland, Blackboard, and MediaSite.

For more information regarding the UMID for all users, click here.

Web Browsers

Web Browsers 
Information on clearing your browser cache and cookies.

The following reference will show you how to clear cache quickly in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.