Information Security Collaborative Committee

The UMB Security Collaborative Group includes technical and security minded individuals from UMB schools, departments and affiliated entities such as UMMS and FPI. 

This group meets monthly to collaboratively assess security risks, vulnerabilities and collectively recommend resolutions to any identified vulnerabilities.

Group Members 
Contact School/Dept
Becki Byrd MIEMSS
Kent Buckingham Dental
Brian Coats CITS
John Czahor Campus Police
Derek Easter SOM
Roger Falsis Nursing
Dave Flax SOM
Sandy Galvez HS/HSL
Cory Gekoski CITS
Will Gorman SOM
Mike Green Law
Quintin Handy CITS
Ed Heiger SOM
Jay Hood Social Work
Scott Hunsinger SOM
Mike Jewell Law
Zachary Kline SOM
Matt Kramer SOM
Domenico LaMarra UMMS
LaVern Laury CITS
Zia Mafaher CITS
Kenneth Miller Pharmacy
Rani Mirza CITS
Stephen Nganga Pharmacy
Peter Murray CITS
Nicky Mutinda CITS
Carol Nelson CITS
Bao Nguyen SOM
Nicholas Seaman MIEMSS
Brent Nickles CITS
Dave Pitts Social Work
Jeff Plotkin Dental
Kris Pyle Parking
Matt Rietschel Nursing
Dave Simmons SOM
Scott Stefan SOM
James Stephens HS/HSL
Matt Swomley CITS
Brian Tannenbaum Medical Examiner
Joshua Wakefield HS/HSL
Ryan Whyms CITS