Committees and Workgroups

There are many formal and ad-hoc information technology committees and workgroups at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

The work of these groups is critical to the success of information technology at UMB. They have fostered communication and collaboration across UMB organizations, which have led to the development of common solutions, successful implementations, and the effective adoption of policies, procedures, and information technologies. By sharing expertise, knowledge, and resources, mutual benefits and success with information technology have been achieved within, and across, organizational boundaries.

The following are the active planning and advisory committees, and workgroups, at UMB:


In addition to these groups, CITS staff work daily with faculty, staff, administrators, and students from every UMB school and department, as well as with employees at UMMC and FPI, in supporting email delivery, anti-SPAM and anti-virus protection, networking and communications, server hardware and database support, administrative and eTeaching and eLearning systems, etc.

Other campus working and user groups:

  • HRMS production issues and priorities monthly meeting: Managers from HR, Payroll, and CITS meet to discuss production issues and priorities.
  • Financial system production issues and priorities bi-weekly meeting: Members of the Financial Systems staff meet with CITS eUMB staff to discuss production issues and priorities.
  • Procure to Pay monthly meetings: CITS staff meet with Financial Services, Procurement management, and A/P management staff to discuss and address issues with eUMB financials as they relate to procurements and payments within the eUMB financial system.
  • SIMS technical staff hold ongoing weekly meetings with school student services staff to address day-to-day issues and SIMS priorities.
  • ImageNow users group (meets as needed when information needs to be shared): Functional managers who are using the ImageNow document imaging and management system meet with CITS staff to share information about the system.
  • QuestionMark Users Group: CITS and school staff meet as needed to discuss issues and experiences with this system, which is used for online assessments and testing.
  • Campus Apple Users Group: Users of Apple Corporation computers and handheld devices meet with CITS staff to discuss Apple technology and share information.