Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Working Group

The Azure Virtual Desktop initiative is an exciting transformational project to develop and deploy a virtual desktop for use by individuals in UMB schools and departments. 

The virtual computing infrastructure would be managed and supported by the cloud provider (Microsoft) which would reduce support required of UMB IT personnel, provide enhanced security, and help keep the infrastructure and computing applications up-to-date and contemporary.  As AVD gets deployed throughout the University community, UMB schools and departments will have the opportunity to purchase less expensive computer desktops/laptops for employees.


Peter Murray

School/ DeptMember
CITS Brian Coats                                              
  Tom Hockensmith
  Peter Murray
  LaVern Phillips
  Fred Smith
  Ryan Whyms
Graduate School Jessica Grabowski
  Anthony Sadzewicz
HS/HSL Sandy Galvez
  James Stephens
School of Dentistry Kent Buckingham
  Eugene Khazanov
School of Law Mike Jewell
School of Medicine Derek Easter
  Joe Long
  Scott Stefan
  Jaeden Traum
School of Nursing Larry Nohe
  Jeremy Stump
  Matt Rietschel
School of Pharmacy Kenneth Miller
  Geoffrey Rowland
School of Social Work Jay Hood
  Dave Pitts