Webex and Zoom Advisory Committee

This group meets bi-monthly to discuss overall requirements for Webex and Zoom that relate to IT Collaboration plans for students, staff and faculty.  The approach for deployment strategy and on-going support is provided to the Webex Technical Committee.  The advisory committee member’s activities include identifying who will obtain a Webex license, how individuals are provisioned and de-provisioned, evaluate group pricing for Cisco Room kits, identify high-level decisions such adhering to contract agreements, evaluate costs associated with Webex (800 #’s and Call-In feature) in addition to making final decisions on Webex and Zoom Communications. 

Webex and Zoom Advisory Committee Members
James Stephens HS/HSL
Jonathan Bratt EM
Joseph Dincau CITS
Kent Buckingham SOD
LaVern Laury* CITS
Matt Rietschel SON
Michael Green SOL
Scott Stefan SOM
Shannon Tucker SOP
Sharon Browser SOM
Stephen Nganga SOP
Bill Crockett SMC
Zia Mafaher* CITS

*Dennotes Project Leads