Sponsors and Approvers

This is the list of sponsors and approvers that can register individuals into the the UMB Community System:

Center for Information Technology Services
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Administration and Finance
Office of Communication & Public Affairs
Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Office of Government & Community Affairs
Office of Research and Development
Office of University Counsel
Office of the President, UMB
School of Dentistry
School of Law
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy
School of Social Work
University Operations

Center for Information Technology Services

Bostic Atheena Sponsor Administrative Asst II Financial Systems
Bowser Douglas Approver Senior Director Enterprise Applications CITS Operations
Coats Brian Approver Asst Vice President, Tech Operations CITS Operations
Faranetta Diane Approver Exec Director Enterprise Applications CITS Operations
Giermek Stephen Sponsor Asst. Director, IT Help Desk & Software CITS Operations
Hunter Vicky Approver Asst VP, Infrastrcr Svcs&Plan CITS Operations
Kaufman Patricia Sponsor Asst. Director, Web Development CITS Operations
Mafaher Ziaeddin Approver Asst. Vice President, Network and Comm CITS Operations
Murray Peter Approver Chief InformationOfficer/Vice President CITS Operations
Nickles Brent Sponsor Director, Systems Integration CITS Operations
Pederson Roger Sponsor Director of Information Technology CITS Operations
Rao Nagaraj Sponsor Sr Director, Enterprise Apps CITS Operations
Smith Frederick Approver AVP/Chief Information Security Officer CITS Operations
Steinberg Sarah Sponsor Training Specialist CITS Operations
Tufares Deno Approver Asst. Director Student Enterprise Apps. CITS Operations
Tufares Deno Sponsor Asst. Director Student Enterprise Apps. CITS Operations

Office of Academic Affairs

Anderson Priscilla Approver Circulation Evening Supervisor HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Bodycomb Aphrodite Sponsor Associate Director, Admin & Operations HS/HSL Library Administration
Borgerding Anna Approver Associate Director OAA UrecFit
Brown Everly Approver Head of Information Services HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Crockett William Approver Executive Director, Campus Center OAA UrecFit
Drummond Persia Approver Circulation/Services Supervisor HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Dudeck Raymond Approver CLS Business Services Program Director OAA Campus Center
Gerhart Celeste Sponsor Administrative Analyst Office of the VP for OAA/Dean
Golembewski-George Erin Approver Assoc. Dean, Grad Sch/Dir Postdoc Schlr Graduate School Support Svcs
Hansen Christopher Approver Reference Technician HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Hinegardner Patricia Sponsor Associate Director of Resources HS/HSL Resources Management
Jones Eric Sponsor Program Management Spec I OAA Auxiliary Enterprises
Lilly Flavius Approver AVP Academic Affairs & Assistant Dean Office of the VP for OAA/Dean
Lin Na Sponsor Head, Resource Sharing & Repository Ser HS/HSL Resources Management
Lowy Deborah Sponsor Director, Educational Support OAA Student Services
Manoto Christina Sponsor Office Manager OAA Campus Center
Mayo Alexa Approver Associate Director/Services HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
McCoy Cassie Laniara Sponsor Business Services Specialist Office of the VP for OAA/Dean
Nance Michele Approver Reference Associate HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Owens Jennifer Sponsor Faculty Executive Director, the Grid GS Instruction & Acad Prgms
Pridemore Jacob Sponsor Asst Dir, Sports & Programs OAA UrecFit
Reynolds James Approver AVP, Fiscal and Academic Affairs Office of the VP for OAA/Dean
Sadzewicz Anthony Sponsor Information Systems Engineer Research Compliance
Schotto Margaret Sponsor Director of UM Housing Office of Academic Affairs
Sizemore Cody Sponsor Senior Assistant Director - Business OAA UrecFit
Stephens Shanell Sponsor Library Services Specialist HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Tooey Mary Approver Associate VP/Executive Director HS/HSL Library Administration
Ward Roger Approver SVP Ops & Inst Eff/Vice Dean Grad Office of the VP for OAA/Dean
Waugh Patrick Approver Library Services Specialist HS/HSL Inf/Instruct Services
Wildberger Dennis Approver Lead Web Developer Research Compliance

Office of Administration and Finance

Adkins Jeannie Approver Program Administrative Specialist SOM Office of Resource Mgmt
Ailewon Solomon Sponsor HR & Office Manager Office of Administration and Finance
Bitner Gregory Approver AVP Budget and Finance Office of Div Budget & Finance
Brewer Eugene Sponsor Building Automation Sys Mgr OM Utility Management
Curley John Sponsor Executive Director, Financial Systems Financial Systems
Deck Steven Sponsor Director, Environmental Health & Safety Environmental Health & Safety
Evans Joseph Approver Assistant Vice President Stat Sourcing&Acquisition Srv
Evans Michele Sponsor Director Management Advisory Services
Ewing Mark Sponsor Asst Dir, Structural Trades OM Structural Support
Farlow Robert Approver Project Manager Design & Construction Services
Finn Richard Sponsor Project Specialist Design & Construction Services
Foster Brenda Sponsor Executive Admin Asst OM Administration
Fowler-Young Lillian Approver Assistant Vice President Real Estate Planning&Space Mgt
Gach Reetta Sponsor Specialist, Events SOM Student Affairs
Gray Maurie Sponsor Exec Dir Budget & Financial Analysis Budget & Financial Analysis
Green Herbert Sponsor Manager,TDM and Transportation Service Parking & Transportation Svcs
Headley Timothy Sponsor Assistant Project Manager Design & Construction Services
Hockensmith Thomas Sponsor Assistant Director of IT Applications CASS Administration
Hollamon Vassie Sponsor Director Facilities Management OM Administration
Holmes Stacy Sponsor Operations Manager Parking & Transportation Svcs
Jensen John Approver Asst. VP Central Admin Support Services CASS Administration
Jule Mutinta Sponsor Chief Operating Officer Office of Administration and Finance
Krone Michael Sponsor Utility Design Project Manager Design & Construction Services
Mandes Stephen Approver Program Administrator IHV Administration
McGinley Lynn Approver AVP Sponsored Prjts Acctg & Compliance Spon Proj Acctng & Compliance
McKechnie Susan Sponsor AVP & University Controller Financial Services
Milner Robert Approver Director of Parking and Trans Svcs Parking & Transportation Svcs
Miskimon Nicole Sponsor Associate Director, Facilities Mgmt OM Shop Support
Morland Melissa Sponsor Assistant Director, Research Safety Environmental Health & Safety
Morse Terence Approver Director Design and Construction Ofc of Facilities & Operations
Mowbray Luke Sponsor Assistant Director, Cap Bdgt & Planning Real Estate Planning&Space Mgt
Mungulube Lillian Sponsor Deputy Director Finance&Administration Office of Administration and Finance
Nichols Lindsay Sponsor Project Coordinator Design & Construction Services
Peartree Louisa Approver Assoc Dean for Administration& Finance SOM Office of Resource Mgmt
Riesner Robert Sponsor Assistant Director OM Electrical Support
Sanford Billye Sponsor Associate Director, Construction & Fac Stat Sourcing&Acquisition Srv
Shipp Stephen Sponsor Assistant Director FM Support Services OM Shop Support
Simmons Brian Approver Asst. Director, Parking&Transportation Parking & Transportation Svcs
Viola Gary Approver Director OM Administration
Warner Ted Sponsor Project Manager Design & Construction Services
Wilkins Anthony Sponsor Assistant Director Housekeeping Service OM General Services
Wolf Patrick Sponsor Assistant Director, EHS Environmental Health & Safety
Yurich John Sponsor Administrative Director CASS Administration

Office of Communication & Public Affairs

Kozak Laura Approver Assoc. VP Comm. & Public Affairs Communication & Public Affairs
Litchman Jennifer Approver SVP for External Relations Off of Sr VP for Ext Relations
Poole Saifa Approver Office Manager Office of the President, UMB

Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Heckler Pamela Approver COO & Treasurer, UMB Foundation Foundation Board Relations
Tafelski Kathryn Sponsor Program Specialist Philanthropy

Office of Government & Community Affairs

Kelly Kevin Approver Associate VP, Government Affairs Government Affairs
Sturdivant Brian Sponsor Director, Community Partnerships Office of Community Engagement

Office of Research and Development

Bryant Darlene Approver Office Clerk II ORD Office of the VP
Dolan Jon Approver Senior Data Analyst ORD Center for Clinical Trials
Hughes James Approver Chief Entrprs/Econ Dev Off/VP Act. Dir ORD Office of the VP
Kenderdine Linda Approver AVP, Marketing and Operations ORD Office of the VP
Modlin Debra Approver Accounting Analyst ORD Office of the VP
Siddalingaswamy Amshu Approver Director, CCT and CC ORD Center for Clinical Trials

Office of University Counsel

Gillette Susan Approver Vice President and General Counsel Office of University Counsel
Robins Irma Approver Deputy General Counsel Office of University Counsel
Trueheart-Griffin Dorothy Approver Paralegal Office of University Counsel

Office of the President, UMB

Litchman Jennifer Approver SVP for External Relations Off of Sr VP for Ext Relations
Poole Saifa Approver Office Manager Office of the President, UMB

School of Dentistry

Andersson Barbara Approver Program Administrative Spec SOD Information Services
Brown Yulvonnda Sponsor Administrative Coordinator SOD Neural and Pain Sciences
Buckingham Kent Approver Executive Director CITS Operations
Fields Antoinette Sponsor Program Administrative Spec SOD Div of General Dentistry
Gale Kristen Sponsor Program Administrative Spec SOD Division of Oncology
Genuit Denise Sponsor Accounting School of Dentistry
George David Approver Chief of Staff SOD Office of the Dean
Hoffman William Sponsor Department Administrator SOD Office of the Dean
Horstman Deborah Approver Asst. Dir for Cont Ed/Dean's Faculty SOD Continuing Dental Ed
Hurd Maureen Sponsor Executive Administrative Asst SOD Oral Maxillo Surgery
Katz Temima Sponsor Senior Program Specialist SOD Periodontics
Leber Jeffrey Sponsor Director of Administration SOD Oral Maxillo Surgery
Livesay Christine Approver Patient Care Coordinator School of Dentistry
Markwitz Elyse Sponsor Prog Dir Med Credentialing&Quality Assu SOD Clinical Support Services
McQuaige Lisa Sponsor Program Administrative Specialist SOD Orthodontics
Pennington Judy Sponsor Administrative Coordinator SOD Microbial Pathogenesis
Phillips John Approver Facilities Manager SOD Facilities Support Service
Ringgold Sandra Sponsor Program Administrative Specialist SOD Periodontics
Shah Chhaya Sponsor Lead Applications Dev. Specialist SOD Information Services
Stillwell Carol Sponsor Administrative Assistant SOD Pediatric Dentistry
Travers Mary Sponsor Coordinator* SOD Div of General Dentistry
Vaccaro Margaret Sponsor Administrative Assistant SOD AEGD Clinic
Watkins Darlene Sponsor Exe Admin. Asst I SOD Dental Public Health

School of Law

Boggs Steven Approver Director of Law Registration SOL Registration
Bowe Stephanie Sponsor Resources Services Librarian SOL Law Library
Brown Linda Sponsor Administrative Assistant SOL Alumni Development
Dixon Janice Sponsor Registration & Enrollment SOL Registration
Edwards Crystal Approver Asst Dean for Academic Admin SOL Faculty
Glorioso Dean Sponsor Accounting Associate SOL Administration
Gontrum Barbara Approver Senior Associate Dean SOL Office of the Dean
Hohing Mary Approver Director of Administration & Operations SOL Administration
Neumann Joseph Sponsor Digital Legal Resources Librarian SOL Law Library
Ondra Michele Approver Associate DIrector, Admin & Finance SOL Law Library
Robertson Nathan Approver Dir. of Information Policy & Management SOL Law Library

School of Medicine

Adewunmi Olugbenga Sponsor Administrator, Basic Science Dept. Microbiology
Ali Brenda Sponsor Asst to IGS Director SOM Institute of Genome Scienc
Allen Edwin Sponsor Deputy Director SOM Veterinary Resources
Ambulos Nicholas Sponsor Professor SOM Oncology Program
Aumiller Jennifer Sponsor Director, Pre/Postdoctoral Career Dev. GPILS Administration
Bacon Jane Sponsor Administrative Director SOM MD/PhD Program
Baker Lisbeth Sponsor Director or HR/Payroll /Dept of Psychia Psych Operations & HR/PR
Banchero Meghan Sponsor Dir, Admin Clinical Translational Science
Bartlett Stephen Sponsor Chairman Transplant Surgery
Bell Shirley Sponsor Office Manager School of Medicine
Bellamy Tiania Sponsor Office Clerk II IGH Geographic Medicine
Bergin Adrian Sponsor Senior Administrator School of Medicine
Berman Brian Sponsor Director, Center for Integrative Med Ctr for Integrative Medicine
Bibbo Anthony Sponsor Administrator, Clinical Dept Peds Administration
Bilenky Nikki Sponsor Human Resources Generalist SOM Institute of Genome Scienc
Boston-Summers Helen Sponsor Administrative Manager School of Medicine
Bowser Sharon Sponsor Assistant Dean and DCIO SOM Information Services
Braxton Debra Sponsor School of Medicine
Brown Catherine Sponsor Accountant Pathology Administration
Browne Brian Sponsor Chairman Emergency Medicine
Burcham Elizabeth (Betsy) Sponsor Executive Administrative Assistant School of Medicine
Burns Timothy Sponsor Director, Contracts and Grants IHV Administration
Buxenstein Veronica Sponsor Program Administrative Specialist Orthopedics
Cao Qi Sponsor Research Coordinator SOM Student Research
Carney Christine Sponsor Graduate Research Assistant I GPILS Pgm in MolecularMedicine
Carter Diane Sponsor Practice Manager School of Medicine
Casey Dominique Sponsor Director of Finance, Family and Community Med School of Medicine
Chiapparelli Teresa Sponsor Division Administrator School of Medicine
Cignatta Suzanne Sponsor Associate Administrator SOM Oncology Program
Cioffi Kristin Sponsor HR Manager School of Medicine
Cockerham Renee Sponsor Manager, Program GPILS Administration
Cook Nancy Sponsor Executive Administrative Assistant School of Medicine
Cook Robert Approver Exec. Dir of Facilities& Operations SOM Office of Resource Mgmt
Cooper Jonathan Sponsor Senior Administrator Pathology Administration
Cosentino Ruth Sponsor Program Manager Med Endocrinology
Cullen Kevin Sponsor Director-Cancer Center SOM Oncology Program
Curry Kimberly Sponsor Research Administrator SOM Inst Marine & Environ Tech
Czinn Steven Sponsor Professor and Chair Peds Chair
Delost Dawn Sponsor Financial Manager, Payroll & Grant Services School of Medicine
Detolla Louis Sponsor VMD, MS, PhD, Prof.&Dir., Comparative M SOM Veterinary Resources
Dixon Shannan Sponsor Assistant Professor Peds Genetics
Edelman Judith Sponsor Administrator Anatomy & Neurobiology
Fahnestock Kenneth Sponsor Senior Contract and Grant Specialist Pharmacology
Fiskum Gary Sponsor Professor and Vice-Chair, Research Anesthesiology Research
Fitzpatrick Leslie-Ann Sponsor Administrative Assistant II Anatomy & Neurobiology
Flair Dawn Sponsor Business Operations Specialist Neu Administration
Frederick Katherine Sponsor Payroll Manager Med Finance & Payroll
Garnett Cynthia Approver Academic Program Specialist SOM Academic Admin
Geppi Cindy Sponsor Administrator EPH Administration
Goodwin Ivy Sponsor CFO/Associate Administrator School of Medicine
Graves Sharron Sponsor Program Administrator GPILS Administration
Greul Mary Sponsor HR Generalist School of Medicine
Gross Rita Sponsor Administrative Asst II SOM Anatomical Services
Harman Christopher Sponsor Chair, Dept of Obstetrics, GYN & Repro OB-GYN
Harvey-Gilliam Nichole Sponsor Spec, Contracts/Grants Diagnostic Radiology
Hebert Andrea Sponsor Visiting Assistant Professor Otorhinolaryngology
Hemady Ramzi Sponsor Associate Professor Ophthalmology
Hines Ashley Sponsor Assistant Director of Special Events SOM Development
Hochberg Marc Sponsor Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology Med Rheumatology
Hockenberry Brian Sponsor Assistant Director Biomedical Engineering & Tech
Holmes Patricia Sponsor Director of Finance Pathology Administration
Icenroad Amanda Sponsor Program Coordinator Med Endocrinology
Ingle David Approver Director, Academic Administration SOM Academic Admin
Jeng Bennie Sponsor Professor and Chair Ophthalmology
Johnson Carol Sponsor Human Resources Coordinator IHV Administration
Jordan Stephanie Sponsor Executive Assistant School of Medicine
Kaper James Sponsor Chair, Dept. of Microbiol & Immunol Microbiology
Karabelas Yana Sponsor Finance Manager School of Medicine
Keller Asaf Sponsor Professor Anatomy & Neurobiology
Kiriakos Manal Sponsor Adminstrative Analyst SOM Academic Admin
Klucar Jocelyn Sponsor Admin, Research Surgery Research Adm
Lal Brajesh Approver Professor Vascular Surgery
Lal Brajesh Sponsor Professor Vascular Surgery
Lantaya Mellisa Sponsor Associate Administrator School of Medicine
Liner Valerie Sponsor Residency Coordinator School of Medicine
Little Kelly Sponsor Senior Grants and Contracts Manager Orthopedics
Lizer Cecilia Sponsor Office Coordinator Microbiology
Lutz Molly Sponsor Office Manager Med Chairmans Office
Mackenzie Colin Sponsor Professor School of Medicine
Magaziner Jay Sponsor Chair EPH Gerontology
Magtibay Jean Kathleen Sponsor Grants and Contracts, Senior IHV Administration
Mallott David Sponsor Associate Dean SOM Office of Medical Ed
Marshall Wendy Sponsor Business Analyst Biomedical Engineering & Tech
Martin Carey Sponsor Manager, Accounting IGH Geographic Medicine
Matthai Silvia Sponsor HR Generalist OB-GYN
McCall Shanell Sponsor HR Specialist School of Medicine
McCarthy Margaret Sponsor Professor and Chair Pharmacology
McHugh Thomas Sponsor Program Administrator SOM Ofc of Rsch & Grad Studies
McKissick Carol Sponsor Program Administrator SOM UMB Freezer Program
Mehrling Michele Sponsor School of Medicine
Mendoza Julia Sponsor Accounting Manager SOM Pre-Clinical Research Lab
Miskimon Nicole Sponsor Associate Director, Facilities Mgmt OM Shop Support
Mitchell Robert Sponsor Assoc Director for Administration SOM Oncology Program
Monaghan Andrea Sponsor Res Asst, Clin EPH Cln Trnsltnl Rsrch Inf Ctr
Moore James Approver A/E Design Project Manager SOM Office of Resource Mgmt
Morgan Evets Sponsor Contracts and Grants Specialist SOM Ctr for Stem Cell Biology
Mosley Teah Sponsor Administrative Analyst SOM Ctr for Vascular &InflamDs
Murdock Karen Sponsor Adjunct Faculty II Physical Therapy
Nichols Kristie Sponsor Manager,Administrative Trauma Rsrch-CORE
Njoku Mary Sponsor Assoc. Prof: Anesthesia/Critical Care Anesthesiology Critical Care
O'Hara Nathan Sponsor Manager, Clinical Research Orthopedics
Olivi Penny Sponsor Sr. Administrator School of Medicine
Palleschi Alexandra Sponsor School of Medicine
Park Karen Sponsor Special Asst Executive A&F Office of the VP
Parker Donna Sponsor Associate Dean for Student Affairs SOM Student Affairs
Patterson Donna Sponsor Human Resource Associate Diagnostic Radiology
Pivonski Gary Approver Project Manager SOM Office of Resource Mgmt
Pohlner Mary Jo Sponsor Academic Office Mngr & Research Admnstr Neurosurgery
Pounds Laura Sponsor Prof Development/GME/CME School of Medicine
Prager Albra Sponsor Office Manager Ctr for Integrative Medicine
Rathell Natalie Sponsor Development Associate SOM Development
Reinecke Bruce Sponsor Administrator, Departmental Biochemistry&Molecular Biology
Rock Peter Sponsor Professor Anesthesiology General
Rodgers Mary Sponsor Professor Emeritus School of Medicine
Rogers Mark Sponsor Professor Physical Therapy
Roghmann Mary-Claire Sponsor Professor EPH Genomic Epi & Cln Outcomes
Rollman Charles Sponsor Director of Maintenance School of Medicine
Rosko Kimberly Sponsor Human Resource Generalist Radiation Oncology Admin
Rus Violeta Sponsor Associate Professor Med Rheumatology
Sack Karen Sponsor Administrator Physical Therapy
Satosky Florence Sponsor Program Admin Specialist Dermatology
Scalea Thomas Sponsor Professor Trauma Surgery
Schroder Charles Sponsor Senior Administrator School of Medicine
Seifert Henry Sponsor Div Admin, Med Pulmonary & CC Med Pulmonary
Seipp Laura Sponsor Business Operations Director EPH Administration
Siaton Bernadette Sponsor Assistant Professor Med Rheumatology
Smith Brad Sponsor Senior Adminstrator Anesthesiology General
Smith Marva Sponsor Program Administrative Spec Ophthalmology
Soronson Bryan Sponsor Administrator Neu Administration
Stern Barney Sponsor Professor Neu Stroke & BAT
Stewart Barbara Sponsor Administrative Assistant School of Medicine
Stewart David Sponsor Chair Family Medicine
Stiles Bobbi Sue Sponsor Director (Accounting) Med Finance & Payroll
Strickland Dudley Sponsor Professor and Assistant Dean SOM Ctr for Vascular &InflamDs
Strome Scott Sponsor Professor and Chairperson Otorhinolaryngology
Tang Hee Ling Sponsor Research Coordinator EPH Gerontology
Tarnosky Scott Sponsor Admin Assoc, Fin Op & Report Surgery Administration
Tatarova Manka Approver Manager, Accounting Surgery Research Adm
Tatarova Manka Sponsor Manager, Accounting Surgery Research Adm
Theis Heather Sponsor Accounting Manager Biochemistry&Molecular Biology
Thompson Lawrence Sponsor Senior Administrator Orthopedics
Thompson Scott Sponsor Professor and Chair Physiology
Tooks Larista Sponsor Director of Finance School of Medicine
Tracy J. Sponsor Associate Professor EPH Cln Trnsltnl Rsrch Inf Ctr
Tracy Karen Sponsor Senior Accountant Microbiology
Vaughn Martha Sponsor Associate Administrator School of Medicine
Vishwasrao Surekha Sponsor Director, Finance Physical Therapy
WALSH SONYA Sponsor Administrative Manager School of Medicine
Wade Ronald Sponsor Adjunct Instructor School of Medicine
Walker-Addy L. Sponsor Accounting Manager Physiology
Wallace Carrie Sponsor Senior Clinical Administrator Med Administrative Office
Wallington Lyndon Sponsor Administrator Pharmacology
Webb Taryn Sponsor Program Coordinator School of Medicine
Welty Emily Sponsor Director, Center Operations MPRC Administration
White Charles Sponsor Director, Thoracic Radiology Diagnostic Radiology
Wilhelm Patricia Sponsor Senior Academic Coordinator School of Medicine
Wilk Robert Sponsor Dir, Anatomical Services Division SOM Anatomical Services
Williams Darcel Sponsor HR Generalist SOM Oncology Program
Yates Teresa Sponsor Business Operations Director EPH Cln Trnsltnl Rsrch Inf Ctr
Young Frank Sponsor Clinical Adminstrator Radiation Oncology Admin
langenberg patricia Sponsor Professor Emeritus EPH Biostatistics/Informatics

School of Nursing

Ayuk Ayamba Sponsor Office Manager SON Research & Scholarships
Barclay Randi Approver Manager,Human Resources School SON Administrative Services
Evans Christopher Approver Mgr, Ops and Fac SON Administrative Services
Rietschel Matthew Approver Asst Dean Info & Learning Technologies SON Administrative Services
Walls Brian Sponsor Assoc Dir, Scholarships & Technology SON Administrative Services
Williams Monica Sponsor HR Specialist SON Administrative Services

School of Pharmacy

Barbers Jeffrey Sponsor Project Manager PPS Translational Medicine
Beardsley Robert Sponsor Professor SOP Pharm Hlth Srv Rsch
Calvert Chalk Lisa Sponsor Operations Manager PPS Academic Support
Coop Andrew Sponsor Professor & Associate Dean of Academic SOP Pharmaceutical Sci Dept
Cooper William Sponsor Senior, Assoc. Dean, Admin. & Fin., COO SOP Deans Administration
Costa Daniel Sponsor Coord, Academic PPS Academic Support
Crowe Pamela Sponsor Director of Facilities and Lab Services SOP Deans Administration
Eddington Natalie Sponsor Dean and Professor, School of Pharmacy SOP Deans Administration
Essien Sharese Sponsor Program Manager SOP Pharmaceutical Sci Dept
Few LaTia Approver Senior Program Specialist, ELP SOP Deans Administration
Gobburu Jogarao Sponsor Professor PPS Academic Support
Gonzales Lawrence Sponsor Senior IT Specialist PPS Maryland Poison Center
Hoots Jamie Sponsor Administrative Director SOP Pharm Hlth Srv Rsch
Ivaturi Vijay Sponsor Research Assistant Professor PPS Translational Medicine
Kane Angelique Sponsor Business Services Spec SOP Pharm Hlth Srv Rsch
Karrs Robert Sponsor Dir, Admin SOP Deans Administration
Letvin Nicole Sponsor Advanced Practice Pharmaist PPS Academic Support
Mattingly Ashlee Sponsor Pharmacist PPS Academic Support
Morales Karen Sponsor Office Manager SOP Pharm Hlth Srv Rsch
Morgan Jill Sponsor Chair and Sch Assoc Prof PPS Academic Support
Mullins C. Sponsor Professor and Chair SOP Pharm Hlth Srv Rsch
Munn Timothy Approver Assist. Dean, IT - School of Pharmacy SOP Deans Administration
Polli James Sponsor Professor SOP Pharmaceutical Sci Dept
Richards Martine Sponsor Academic Coordinator PPS Academic Support
Shapiro Paul Sponsor Professor SOP Pharmaceutical Sci Dept
Tucker Shannon Approver Asst Dean of Instructional Technology SOP Deans Administration
Wu Liyi Sponsor Administrator, Pharm Sciences SOP Pharmaceutical Sci Dept

School of Social Work

Barth Richard Approver Dean SSW Office of the Dean
Canapp Jennifer Approver Academic Coordinator SSW General Instruction
Fagan Colin Approver IT Support Assistant SSW Office of the Dean
Severance Arthur Approver Associate Dean for Administration SSW Office of the Dean

University Operations

Carter Dameon Approver Captain, Public Safety Department of Public Safety
Cary Alice Approver Chief of Police Department of Public Safety
Pitts Harold Sponsor Lieutenant, Pub Safety Department of Public Safety
Privette Shawnta Sponsor Police Communication Supv Department of Public Safety