Priority Projects and Activities


Cybersecurity awareness program

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: An increased attention to cybersecurity awareness will occur this year. A cybersecurity program in support of ther University System of Maryland's IT Security Standards will be launched, and the target goal will be to achieve at least an 80 percent training participation compliance rate across UMB. 

Verizon partnership/community engagement

CITS Accountable Leads – Dr. Murray; Zia Mafaher

A plan and strategy are being developed to address the most prominent deficiency(s) with technology to support educational and local, community-based programs. The strategy, which will be implemented in this next year, includes working with vendor partners (e.g., Verizon) to assist in addressing deficiencies with technology in local schools and the West Baltimore community.

Kuali Research application and infrastructure consolidation with UMCP

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: A project is underway to consolidate the Kuali Research application for both UMB and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). There will be one database instance, common access to the application from both universities, and combined reporting of research proposals and awards.

Collaborative projects with UMCP

CITS Accountable Leads – Dr. Murray; Brian Coats

Description: A Strategic Partnership plan was developed and the initial focus for technology unification between the two campuses was placed on the Identity Management project. This is the technology by which faculty, staff, students, etc., gain access to IT systems and resources by using their respective university’s ID and password. The technology framework that allows the respective university’s ID and password to be used was built in Fiscal Year 2018. The Seed Grant program application was the first to be added to this technology framework. During this next year, additional applications will be added to this framework.   

Quantum Financials and Analytics Project

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: CITS is partnering with Administration and Finance, and working with UMB schools and departments, to develop and implement Oracle’s Cloud Financials, Planning and Budgeting, and Analytics solutions. These modern cloud applications are based on best practices that will provide a platform for improving business processes and introduce an analytics solution that will enhance our ability to make data-driven decisions. The project consists of four iterative design, configuration, and validation phases to incrementally develop a final solution that will be rolled out to the campus in October 2019. The project team is actively engaging UMB schools and departments as the project moves through the different phases of implementation.

Cisco Collaboration/Communication solution, Phase I

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Enhancements will be made to UMB telephony and voice/video conferencing capabilities with the implementation of the Cisco collaboration/communication solution. There will be new telephony features and functionality and universal Webex teleconferencing available to the University community.

Research data management program

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: A research data management plan and strategy will be more fully discussed and developed in the coming year.  It will include addressing important elements such as: Governance; Ownership; Management; Metadata Standards; Research Data Definition, and Data Guidelines (using the “FAIR” principles of findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable); and Computing Resources.

Expanding resources for faculty teaching and learning with technology

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: A faculty committee, which is a subgroup of the UMB IT Stakeholder Committee, has prepared a report of recommendations identifying strategies for professional development and the promotion of innovative uses of technology in teaching and scholarship within and across schools and programs. This group will continue to meet during the year and continue to make recommendations regarding strategies for professional development and innovative uses of technology.

Microsoft Office 365 and student email

CITS Accountable Lead – Vicky Hunter

Description: Transitioning current student and future alumni email to Microsoft Office 365. Implementation is in progress and will continue on a school-by-school basis.

Telephony VoIP upgrade (Call Mgr)

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Corresponding to the Cisco telephony upgrade, there will be upgrades made to the Cisco call manager servers and corresponding infrastructure. This upgrade will provide additional VoIP features and functionality, including introducing the “soft client” where telephone calls can be made directly from computing devices.

Transitioning IronPort to Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

CITS Accountable Lead – Vicky Hunter

Description: The migration from using the Cisco IronPort solution for anti-spam/anti-virus and email delivery to the Microsoft solution will occur this year. The Microsoft solution provides the same capabilities as the Cisco solution, and it is included in the Microsoft license agreement. There will be a cost savings in moving to the Microsoft EOP.

Amazon AWS network design and implementation

CITS Accountable Lead – Vicky Hunter

Description: The Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure will begin to be used this year.  A review of the implementation requirements (e.g., network topology, infrastructure, security/compliance, account provisioning, costs) will be defined and established so that this cloud-based infrastructure service can be used by campus entities leveraging cloud deployment best practices. 

Information security collaborative, addressing vulnerabilities

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: The Information Security Collaborative (ISC) initiative continues this year. The participants from across UMB, FPI, and UMMS will continue to share operational practices and procedures that result in continued effective information security and the protection of information assets, protected health information, and patient and employee personal information.

Addressing State Office of Legislative IT audit items

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: Any discussion note item(s) and final IT finding(s) and recommendation(s) resulting from the State Legislative audit will be addressed in the coming year. 

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: We have contracted with CampusGuard to assist UMB in becoming PCI compliant, which is a requirement of Bank of America in which all of UMB’s merchant accounts are linked. The first step was completed last fall when CampusGuard and Security & Compliance visited campus merchant locations to get an understanding of UMB business processes pertaining to the handling of credit card data. CampusGuard is assisting UMB in checking PCI compliance and recommending any needed action(s).   

New core networking equipment installation

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: The main core network equipment that is the intersection of the internet and campus network — and which is the main equipment for the operation of the campus network — will be implemented to replace the end-of-life equipment. 

Fiber and redundant network equipment in 620 W. Lexington St. Building

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: The completion of the fiber connection, room upgrade, and move of core networking equipment from Howard Hall to the 620 W. Lexington St. building will occur this year. Once completed, this Enterprise Risk Management item will be addressed. There will be redundancy of the network such that if there is a flood or fire in Howard Hall, the University network will remain operational via the redundant equipment located in the 620 W. Lexington St. building.

Conversion to Baltimore City 911 service

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: UMB is working with Verizon on systems design and security to establish a sync between the UMB database and Verizon’s. The sync will be transmitting required fields of information (e.g., location information) to their system. This is one of the systems that the Baltimore City 911 service accesses when informing city police officers of the location of a 911 call.   

Single sign-on launching page

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: There are more than 200 applications that support single sign-on via a common UMB ID. This initiative would focus on creating a single web “launching” site to applications that support a single sign-on. 

Web accessibility

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: The University needs to adopt a web accessibility policy and associated procedures in order to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). In this year, a policy and procedures for web accessibility will be developed.

IT Help Desks

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: A discussion and exploration will occur this year to determine if some school and department IT Help Desk services could be accommodated by the campus IT Help Desk.

OneCard building access

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: A re-examination of the current processes around OneCard building access will occur to ensure building access is removed when no longer appropriate in an automatic, timely manner.

UMB Alerts system

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: The e2campus service was upgraded in fall 2018. During winter 2018, a re-evaluation of the current vendors in this space was conducted to determine the best and most appropriate solution. As a result, EverBridge was selected as the new alerts system and a migration from e2campus is underway with expected completion by the end of April 2019.

Unified Directories @ UMB

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: Phase 4 = Active Directory account provisioning – Building on the framework and infrastructure established as part of the Federated Identity Management Stakeholder Initiative, Active Directory accounts will be provisioned automatically based on information obtained from eUMB HRMS as part of the normal hiring procedures.  This will eliminate the need for these accounts to be manually created and linked by IT staff.  It also will improve the data integrity of these accounts as they will be created automatically using HRMS data. Finally, it will improve and streamline the process by which HRMS is then provided a university email address for every employee.

Migrating Blackboard to the cloud, SaaS application

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: A review of the Blackboard SaaS application is occurring and an evaluation will determine the feasibility of migrating this application to the cloud.

ImageNow upgrade

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: A newer version of the ImageNow application is available. In this year, there will be a review and evaluation of the new version and a timeline will be established for when this new version will be implemented.

Data storage analysis for enterprise system data/new solution for aging infrastructure

CITS Accountable Lead – Vicky Hunter

Description: The on-premises enterprise data storage equipment is approaching end-of-life. An analysis and evaluation of the next data storage solution will occur, and it will include exploring cloud-based data storage solutions.

CRM application re-implementation, support, implementation

CITS Accountable Lead – Deno Tufares

Description: The Ferrilli consulting firm has been hired to review the application implementation in the Graduate School and to make recommendations for how the software might be reconfigured to more fully use the delivered functionality and enhance current processes. The School of Nursing will be participating with the Graduate School and Ferrilli consultants during this engagement. The School of Social Work and the School of Pharmacy also will be implementing the CRM Recruit application.

DegreeWorks reporting

CITS Accountable Leads – Deno Tufares; Vicky Hunter

Description: A reporting solution is being developed that will provide the needed data for decision-making. The first school requesting and needing the report/data is the School of Nursing.

Touchnet implementation

CITS Accountable Lead – Deno Tufares

Description: The implementation has been completed, providing an interface to the Banner student system.

Electronic signatures

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description: UMB will continue to review and evaluate vendors and software for an electronic signature solution. The leading vendors and solutions at this time are DocuSign and AssureSign. 


CITS Accountable Lead – Roger Pedersen

Description: AcademicWorks is a scholarship management system developed by the AcademicWorks organization that was founded in 2010 and has more than 500 clients.  The firm was acquired by Blackboard in April 2017. AcademicWorks is designed to make it easier to apply for scholarships, improve the scholarship review process, and assist in providing information to the original donors so they feel more connected with scholarship recipients and more inclined to make further gifts. The system matches potential recipients with scholarships based on the requirements of the scholarship and information extracted from campus systems. The system does not completely automate the scholarship process but does facilitate the reviewing process by scholarship reviewers. The system is available only as a SaaS solution. UMB is in the process of implementing AcademicWorks and expects to have it completed in 2018-2019. 

Technology support for global initiatives

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: Discussions and reviews of the technology being used for global initiatives will occur this year so that any deficiency(s) can be addressed.      

Instructional technology infrastructure

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: This past year, an instructional technology/audio-visual UMB Working Group established guidelines for podium controls format and design. In this year, the working group will explore other possible common approaches for instructional technology/audio-visual design in classrooms and conference rooms across UMB.

Internal Firewall Upgrade

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: The internal firewall will be upgraded to a higher capacity with advanced security features to support additional connections, including Public Safety and the School of Law.

Network Maryland connection for Mview (Public Safety cameras)

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: UMB will provide a network connection point to participate in the statewide collaboration effort to share CCTVs (closed circuit television/video) from some University cameras including Public Safety. This will leverage a connection with nwMD (Network MD) or identify another mechanism.  MView is a centralized portal that provides statewide video surveillance to first responders and Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) fostering Homeland Security efforts.