Web Accessibility Workgroup

Campus wide group of individuals working together to discuss, review, and address web accessibility needs at UMB.  Get additional information regarding UMB web accessibility here.

School/Dept Member
Campus Life Services Angela Jackson                                   
CITS Tom Hockensmith
  Trisha Kaufman
HS/HSL Brad Gerhart
Graduate School TBD
OCPA Steve Bossom
  Kristen Bowes
  Amir Chamsaz
  Jonah Penne
  Dan Walker
School of Dentistry Kent Buckingham
  Preston Stone
School of Law Nathan Robertson
School of Medicine Ted Glazer
  Andy Goldberg
  Larry Roberts
School of Nursing Erin Merino
  Giordana Segneri
School of Pharmacy Rebecca Ceraul
  Andrew Tie
  Shannon Tucker
School of Social Work Dave Pitts