Higher Education Security Standards

Be Media Wise is an awareness campaign designed to encourage University of Maryland, Baltimore students to be aware of the consequences of downloading or uploading copyrighted materials from or to the internet. We encourage you to explore the links on this page to learn about the risks of illegal file sharing and to Be Media Wise when it comes to uploading or downloading information.

Risks of Illegal File Sharing

Learn about illegal file sharing, copyright infringement, and your responsibilities.

Copyright Law 101

Browse the U.S. government’s official site on copyright law.

There is an Alternative: Legal Downloading

Review legal sources of downloadable online content.

UMB IT Acceptable Use Policy

Users of University electronic assets, including wireless networks and public computers, must follow this Acceptable Use Policy.

UMB IT Residential Network (ResNet) Policy

Read about the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s residential network terms of use.