President's Scholarship Fund for the University of Maryland

Anna Chung

Anna grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and graduated from Seoul Women's University securing a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. She will graduate in 2022 from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Leaving her work, family, and friends behind in Korea was a challenging decision as well as a turning point in her life. Anna believes that medical innovations, supportive health care services, and advancements in drug discovery should be available to anyone in this country regardless of their ethnicity or financial state. Gaining the necessary scientific knowledge and professional affiliations at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will help her to become a competent pharmacist as a community leader with integrity and passion.

Vanessa Gonzalez-Wright

Vanessa Gonzalez-Wright was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her Bachelor of Sociology degree from California State University, Northridge. Before attending UMB, Vanessa worked as a site coordinator for UCLA, leading after-school programs in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. She is now a graduate student in the School of Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Vanessa is highly involved in student activism and serves the UMB community in many capacities. She is a diversity fellow for the Office of Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives (ISLSI), a student leader for Latinx Unidos for Community Healing and Awareness (LUCHA), and co-chair for the Immigration Workgroup.

In the future, Vanessa seeks to have a career in higher education serving as a social worker who supports the needs of vulnerable student populations such as first-generation students, immigrant students, and students of color. As a first-generation student of color, Vanessa is passionate about using an anti-racist and multicultural lens to promote the development of affirming spaces at universities. She believes the educational environment should be one in which students are validated and supported in their identity and educational journey.

Danielle Miller

Danielle grew up in Westminster, Md., in Carroll County and went to North Carroll High School in Hampstead. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Stevenson University. Danielle is currently studying in the family nurse practitioner program at University of Maryland, Baltimore with plans to graduate in May 2019 with a doctoral degree in nursing practice. After graduation, she anticipates continuing her DNP project's sustainability plans to ensure that all Shock Trauma teams have a care coordination team in place to follow up with all patients post-discharge. Danielle will plan to pursue a career in teaching nursing students and practice as a family nurse practitioner. 

Matthew Miller

Matthew grew up in Lancaster County (Pa.). He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a doctor and help the medically underserved. Matthew studied molecular biology at Messiah College in Harrisburg, Pa., and before starting medical school he lived in Ecuador for a year, worked as an English teacher, and became fluent in Spanish. Now, as a medical student he enjoys volunteering at St. Clare’s medical outreach clinic in Lutherville, Md., where he helps with patient intake and medical translating. Matthew is volunteering and conducting research with a mobile surgical outreach van to bring surgical care to people who otherwise would not have access to it. He plans to continue with medical outreach during the rest of his time at University of Maryland, Baltimore, and throughout his career as a physician.


Katherine Ong

Katherine grew up in Springfield, Va., and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a biology minor from the University of Virginia. She is entering her third year as a Doctor of Dental Surgery candidate at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. She enjoys volunteering at Mission of Mercy (MOM) projects, where dental professionals wholeheartedly work to provide free dental care to those who cannot afford it. After graduation, Katherine plans to return to MOM projects to provide the same dedicated service to patients and to work in an underserved area or community health dental clinic.

Seema Shah-Nelson

Seema graduated from Oberlin (Ohio) College in 1998. As a student in the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s School of Social Work, she is pursuing a second career inspired by her volunteer work in Baltimore City public schools and with education advocates and policymakers. Upon graduation, she plans to work within schools and communities and alongside districts and lawmakers to ensure equitable access to education for children of color in Baltimore City.

Sylvain Valere Sob Tanemossu

Sylvain was born and raised in Nkongsamba, a rural area of a small town in Cameroon, and struggled to make his way through high school, where he obtained his Baccalaureate in Nkongsamba and later a bachelor’s degree in Dschang, another city of Cameroon with a university.

He is the first of a family of eight siblings to attain a college-level education with a dream of being a pharmacist; and is the father of four young children. Slyvain is currently enrolled in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

He is actively engaged with various geriatric assessment interdisciplinary teams (GAIT) and interprofessional education days (IPE) that highlights the needs of seniors as well as those of underserved communities. His goal for his residency program is to obtain tools and skills to serve in geriatrics.

Ellis Tibbs

Ellis was born and raised in St. Louis. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with honors with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Pursuing an MD/PhD, Ellis is in his second year in the Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Program at UMB. He is currently investigating novel immunotherapy techniques focused on manipulating the macrophage polarization paradigm to modulate the tumor microenvironment. With the ultimate goal of becoming a clinician-scientist and practicing in a similar under-represented area where he was raised, Ellis hopes to also help continue fostering the desire to pursue a career in health professions through establishing pipeline and mentoring programs. Outside of his aspirations, Ellis loves to play rugby and bowl!