International Students


A student must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen to receive federal, state, and/or institutional aid at UMB.  Eligible statuses are:

  • U.S. citizen or national
  • U.S. permanent resident
  • Citizens of certain pacific islands (the Freely Associated States)
  • Other eligible noncitizens

A student whose citizenship status is one of the following is not eligible for any federal, state, and/or institutional aid at UMB:

  • F1 or F2 Visa (student)
  • J1 or J2 Visa (exchange visitor)
  • G Series Visas (international organization)
  • Noncitizens with only an I-688A or I-688B
  • Noncitizens with only an I-171 or I-464 (Notice of Approval to Apply for Permanent Residence)
  • Noncitizens with only an I-797 (Family Unity Status)

International students who are determined to be ineligible may wish to explore other potential sources of financial aid.

Below is a list of possible sources of assistance. Please note: This list in no way guarantees that aid may be available but is intended only to provide students with possible sources of assistance.

  • Universities in your home country
  • Your embassy
  • Private U.S. and international organizations, foundations, and agencies
  • Rotary Clubs in your home country
  • eduPASS
  • Graduate assistantships through your school

Loan Options for Non-Eligible Students 

Many lending institutions offer private/alternative education loans to students who meet certain criteria. Private/alternative education loans are obtained by applying directly to a private lender. Student borrowers must be able to provide the lender with a creditworthy co-signer who also is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. These loans must be certified by UMB's Student Financial Assistance and Education office. Students who are applying for a private/alternative education loan are encouraged to speak with the Alternative Loan Counselor, Peggy Buerhaus, in the University Student Financial Assistance office if they have questions about the application process.

Finding a Private/Alternative Educational Loan Lender 

Many private lenders offer loans for students who do not qualify for federal student aid resources. It is the student's responsibility to find a lender that suits their needs. Students are encouraged to consider their options carefully when choosing a lender and the type of private/alternative education loans available, so they feel comfortable knowing the loan is right for them. Visit our Alternative Loan Guide for more information.