If I don’t accept the award this year, can I still get it next year? 

What you do this year will not affect your eligibility for next year. However, eligibility is reviewed each year based on that year’s FAFSA.

I was awarded the Nursing Loan last year but did not get it this year and my finances have only worsened; what happened? 

Due to FAFSA and regulatory changes as well as fluctuations in funding levels and the changes in other students' need, we cannot guarantee the award from year to year. Although your situation remained the same or worsened, there may be students who showed more need than you and funding was exhausted.

When does interest begin? 

Interest begins once the loan goes into repayment.

When does repayment being? 

The first payment is due six months after dropping below half-time status.

I was already selected for verification; do I still need to turn in taxes again? 

No, the taxes you have already submitted will suffice.

I was awarded the loan, but it is no longer on my account; what happened, and can I get it back? 

Students are required to accept their loans and complete all necessary paperwork within six weeks of the initial offer. After six weeks, the loan will be canceled and offered to other students. Due to the fact that there is limited funding available, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to re-offer a loan that has been canceled.