Outside Scholarships

  • Delaware-District of Columbia Maryland ASFAA
    The DE-DC-MD Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has established a scholarship fund that will award a minimum of three $1,000 scholarships annually (in the spring). Visit DE-DC-MDASFAA online
    for applications and deadline information. 
  • Florida Dental Association
    FDA offers student loans to eligible sophomore, junior, and senior dental students. Contact: Cathy Wolf, 800-877-9922 ext.164, aelzie@floridadental.org. Deadline: March 31.
  • American Dental Association Foundation
    The American Dental Association Foundation offers scholarships to dental students. Contact: ADA Foundation, 312-440-2763, famularor@ada.org. Deadline: Oct. 16.
  • Monroe County Dental Society
    The Monroe County Dental Society of New York offers financial grants to eligible second-, third- and fourth-year students. Information is available at www.7dds.org. Contact: Dr. Terry Giangreco, 585-385-9550, 7dds@7dds.org
  • National Association of Filipino Dentists in America
    NAFDA awards a $1,000 grant annually to an eligible second-, third-, or fourth-year student. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office. Contact: Dr. Manuel Cunanan, 401-737-7715.  Deadline: May 15.
  • Markoff Hearn Scholarship
    UM School of Dentistry has scholarship funds available for students who are graduates of the Baltimore City School System. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office. Contact: Judith Weishampel, 410-706-2413, jweishampel@umaryland.edu
  • American Assocation of Women Dentists
    The Gillette Hayden Memorial Fund of AAWD offers educational loans to junior, senior, and graduate-degree students. Details are available online in the Member Benefits section.
  • Military Educational Assistance
    The military offers several programs to support your education goals, including tuition assistance, the GI Bill, and other education programs. Further information may be found online at www.http://www.military.com/education/content/money-for-school/military-spouse-and-family-educational-assistance-programs.html.
  • National Health Services Corp Scholarship Program
    The National Health Services Corp Scholarship Program is a competitive federal program that awards scholarships to students pursuing primary care health professions training in return for a service commitment. The scholarship consists of payment for tuition, fees, and other reasonable education costs and a monthly stipend. Information can be found at http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/scholarship/ or by calling 1-800-638-0824.
  • Disclaimer: The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to reduce or cancel awards based on funding levels, change in enrollment, reduction in costs, etc.