Prospective Students

Quick Facts 
The following is a list of aid that is available on an annual basis based on the student's individual eligibility and level of funding.

Award NameAward TypeFunding SourceMinimum AwardMaximum Award
University Grant Grant Institution $500 $4,000
Federal Direct Stafford Loan
Loan Federal $500 $40,500
Federal Graduate PLUS Loan Loan Federal $500 Cost of Attendance minus all other financial aid received

The budget (cost of attendance) is an estimate of education-related expenses for an academic year. It includes direct education expenses such as:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory fees

Also included are indirect education expenses such as:

  • Books and supplies
  • Room and board
  • Transportation
  • Commuting expense
  • Travel, etc.

For detailed information regarding the cost of attendance and its components for the current academic year, view the School of Medicine - Prospective Student Presentation

UMSOM Laptop Policy Update:

All students in the UMSOM program are required to have a personal laptop for use in class. In previous years students purchased this laptop through the university, and this charge was included on the Student Account Statement (bill). Beginning with the matriculating class of 2019, students will be required to obtain their own laptop. This will be included in each student's Cost of Attendance (COA) up to $2,500. Please review the following to make sure your device is compliant:


The Student Financial Aid Office does an annual budget adjustment each year. Please note that tuition and fees are projected in this adjustment and that actual costs may change. Refer to the Student Accounting Office or your bill for actual costs. Admitted students may view their budget on SURFS.

The average living-expense budget for a first-year student is below. This living-expense budget includes fall and spring semesters.

 Off campusPascault RowWith Parents
Resident $26,500 $20,244 $9,100
Non-resident $26,500 $20,244 $9,100


All awards are based on each student's individual need as determined by the FAFSA.

No award is guaranteed and awards are not automatically renewed from one year to the next. Award dates may be found on the financial aid calendar.

Maryland residents: Students considered Maryland residents by UMB should complete the FAFSA before March 1 to be considered for Maryland State Scholarships. More information is available here.

Typical Award Package 
Students who file the FAFSA on or before March 1 are given priority award consideration.

The following award package is an example of what a student who filed on or before the priority award date may expect to be offered:

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan $40,500
University Grant $4,000
Federal Graduate PLUS Loan $30,923
Total Awards $75,423

Total awards will not exceed the individual students cost of attendance.

Students are awarded financial aid based on anticipated full time enrollment; 16 credits is full time for this program.

Therefore, please note that some awards may be reduced if the student drops below full-time status. Students must remain enrolled at least half time (6 credits or more) to receive federal aid.